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Add stripes for a playful look or serious architectural element to furnishings. Getting them just right on a DYI project can be tricky. But getting them just right can be tricky.

Here are Fig & Frolic’s Simple Steps for Crisp Clean Stripes.

1. Paint the entire piece one color (paint the lighter of the two colors first).

2. If the width of the stripes are 2 inches or less, use painters tape to create perfectly straight lines.

Apply the first row of tape across the center of the piece you are striping.

Apply a second row of tape, just below the first row.

Apply a third row of tape, just below the second row.

Slowly remove the middle row of tape and put it back down it under the third row.

Apply a new row of tape under the fourth row.

Repeat this process until entire area is striped.

3. If the wide of the stripes are more than 2 inches, use a yardstick and a level to mark where your tape should line up.

Place the yard stick on the piece, make sure it's level. Holding your yardstick at a slight angle will create uneven stripes, so this step is important.

Place small tick marks in pencil, no more than 18 inches apart along the yardstick. Carefully apply painter's tape to connect the tick marks.

4. To prevent paint from bleeding under the painter's tape, lightly sand all edges of the pressed down tape. Wipe off the dust. This tip works great! We use 220 grit sandpaper when using Chalk Paint®.

5. Paint the second color over the whole piece (paint over tape).

6. When dry, SLOWLY remove the tape. It is important to remove very slowly or you may pull off some of the base coat.

7. Use a small artist brush to touch up any areas as needed.

Caption information:

Red & white pantry door is painted in Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, colors: Pure White and Emperor's Silk.

Dresser is painted in Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, colors: Pure White and Paris Grey.


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