When it comes to hearing better, breathing better, looking better, and having better skin, Dr. David J. Congdon has it covered under one roof. His Cedar Valley Centers for Hearing, ENT and Sinus, Facial Plastic Surgery, Skin Cancer and Rejuvenation are located at United Medical Park on West Ridgeway Avenue in Waterloo.

A double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Congdon specializes in surgery of the head, neck and face. He’s also board- certified and fellowship-trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. The list of procedures he’s experienced in is quite lengthy.

Within the Cedar Valley Center for Hearing, he works with patients on hearing loss prevention, hearing loss assessment, and provides specialized testing for young children. His staff and he help patients with customized hearing aid selection for optimal fit. The office supports assistive listening technology, custom swim molds and hearing aid batteries and supplies. As an otolaryngologist, he provides all general ear, nose and throat care, including ear tube placement, earwax buildup, nosebleeds, tonsils, adenoids, outer ear infections and other conditions.

In addition, Dr. Congdon says about half of his day revolves around full body screenings and treatments of skin cancer, including facial skin cancer reconstruction.

“Facial plastic surgery is a subset of otolaryngology,” he explains. “We can rebuild a nose. We treat simple skin cancers as well as the larger skin cancers the dermatologist cannot treat. Patients don’t want to see multiple providers for one problem. We are a one-stop shop for skin cancer in this way.”

Dr. Congdon also performs cosmetic procedures, including nasal surgeries, ear surgeries, facelifts, forehead lifts, Botox, fillers, lip augmentation, eyelid rejuvenation, chin and cheek implants, skin resurfacing and facial skin reconstruction. His medical spa treats spider veins and offers pigment treatments for sun-damaged skin and laser treatments for acne scars, hair removal and rosacea.

Dr. Congdon was one of the first physicians locally to perform balloon sinuplasty, one of the newest technological advances in the field. He teaches balloon sinus surgery at a biennial conference with others from The Mayo Clinic and Europe. It is a safe and effective in-office procedure for chronic sinusitis patients who are seeking relief from uncomfortable and painful sinusitis symptoms and who may not be responding to medications.

The procedure involves opening inflamed sinuses, much like a heart surgeon opens blocked arteries during balloon angioplasty. It is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and does not involve removing bone or tissue. There is no bruising and no packing.

“You used to have to have your nose packed and take 14 days off from work,” Dr. Congdon says. “People chose not to be treated and suffered because they didn’t have the time to take off. Balloon sinuplasty is not painful; the patient usually can go back to work the next day. It does not involve incisions, and the tissue does not scar shut. The patient experiences immediate relief. It can be done right here in the office and avoids a trip to the operating room.”

Other conditions treated in the ENT office include snoring and sleep apnea, chronic coughs, ringing in the ears and dizziness and imbalance issues.

Dr. Congdon’s staff includes Crystal Wilken, ARNP, Meg Heatley, PA-C, Tricia Thompson, ARNP, and Deborah Rieks, AuD. They share his goal of creating confidence and comfort throughout each procedure with their world-class care.


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