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first look

Should the groom see the bride before she walks down the aisle? It’s called a “first look,” and it’s quickly become a Midwestern wedding tradition. Some couples want their wedding photographer and videographer to capture the moment, while other brides and grooms prefer taking a private moment (and a deep breath) before the ceremony begins.

These can be the sweetest moments of the day. Some variations:

  • The groom is blind-folded and holds hands with the bride from around a corner or door.
  • The couple is separated by a door and use the first look to also read sweet missives to each other.
  • He covers his eyes and waits for the big reveal.
  • The bride comes up behind the groom, and they share one last hug before the ceremony.
  • The entire bridal party gathers for the reveal.
  • The groom is bidding his time before the ceremony and suddenly she appears in her wedding gown.

However you play it, remember to have tissues handy because couples will definitely get misty-eyed.

Although the day is meant for the couple, another moment worth capturing is the first look by dad or mom or both/separately, when their little girl first appears in her wedding finery.


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