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wedding moments

Remember to capture those special moments!

1) The Early Bride Gets the Worm!

The longer you have to plan your wedding, the better. If you plan far enough in advance you can stretch out payments so it won't seem like such a dent in your checkbook all at once! This also ensures availability for great vendors. When you plan in advance, you’re sure to have the photographer, venue, DJ, etc., that you want!

2) Capture the “aha” moment!

I recommend getting photos taken before the ceremony so you get as many photos as possible that day! Doing a first look captures that “Aha” moment between the two of you. Make sure no one else is around except your photographer to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

3) Sole mate

You will need three pairs of shoes: Slippers for getting ready, heels for the ceremony and flats for dance. Make sure to break your shoes. Try this: Wear your shoes off and on around the house for three or four weeks to break them in gradually. Even better, wear your wedding shoes an hour at a time while you complete light indoor chores. Take care not to soil your shoes. After an hour’s wear feels comfortable, increase the amount of time you wear them (until they hurt) over a month’s time – until you can wear them without blisters or sore feet.

4) Smooth snapshots!

Plan you wedding photos with your professional photographer (or even that family friend who agreed to shoot!). Make a list of photos you want with your groom and the wedding party. Then make a list of family members you want photos taken with. Planning ahead makes the day run much more smoothly. You’ll also want to give your wedding party and family an itinerary to keep track of where they need to be and when.

5) Date night jar

Have your guests write down their favorite date night idea and put it in a jar. Every week you and husband pull an idea out of the jar and have your fun date night. Love this idea!

6) Sentimental story time

Collect letters from bridesmaids, family members, and loved ones to create a sentimental book for the bride. Have her read it the day of her wedding (before make-up is applied of course!)

7) Cool outdoor wedding tips!

‘Tis the season for outdoor weddings Here are some tips to make it a breeze!

1. Wrap surrounding trees with lights for ample lighting. This will also turn into an absolutely gorgeous photo op when the sun goes down.

2. Provide sunscreen and bug repellent.

3. Use surrounding trees to set up our photo booth. It can be as simple as hanging an empty frame from ribbon or even fabric for back drop!

4. Hand out sunglasses as your favor.

5. Turn your program into a fan for your guests.

6. Make sure water bottles (labeled with your wedding initials, of course!) are available for guests to keep hydrated!


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