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WAVERLY -- There’s an old joke: Where is the sky green and the grass blue? In Kentucky during a tornado.

But now there is a new answer: In the mind of Dennis Clayson in the July 29 Courier. After all, progressives are regressive and conservatives are liberal. And aren’t we glad that liberal/progressive ideas have all failed?

If liberals had been successful, we wouldn’t have these wonderful Jim Crow laws and segregation.

Just think how terrible it would be if liberals had been able to get votes for women.

If liberals had had their way, 90-year-old women like my mother would be living amongst us instead of being hidden away in some Hooverville down by the railyard where we wouldn’t have to see them.

I’m sure our economy would collapse if liberals had been able to take all those hard-working kids out of the coal mines, or limit work in factories to less than 14 hours a day, or pass all those annoying safety regulations.

By the way, let’s all get together for our Queen’s next birthday and celebrate the defeat of that liberal nonsense called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

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