Tariffs column


WATERLOO — Fred Abraham’s recent column (Sept. 22) about tariffs is completely wrong. Abraham, who is a professor and lives and works in a government university-protected bubble, clearly has no understanding of the private sector.

Hopefully people understand his article was an argument that it is OK for China to not play by the same rules we do. He actually was comparing companies that move from one state to another as the same as a company moving to another country. Fred, you made a case to excuse the loss of American jobs, however it concerns me that you teach, future business leaders at an American university. You way over simplified the problem.

Trump proposed getting rid of all tariffs so we all do business fairly. China limits the amount of money its citizens invest outside of their country. I truly hope people read between the lines of this column.

PSOs in CF


CEDAR FALLS — Cedar Falls needs three groups in the Public Safety Department. We need firefighters. We need police officers. We need public safety officers. We need acceptance between all three groups.

Some personnel refuse to be loyal team members to the whole; those members should be allowed to attrition out. This will allow aligned members to be hired so we can build a strong public safety department that is bolstered by teamwork among the three groups with the total goal of community safety.

Related, scare tactics and false proclamations of less safety should not enter our local election debate. The nation is realizing the dangers of fear-mongering and pretend “facts.”

We don’t want Cedar Falls to suffer the same humiliation. Cedar Falls is not burning down. Cedar Falls has not been taken over by gangs. The downtown and College Hill are perfectly safe places for families to enjoy a pizza and a beer. Beware of single-issue candidates. Look for informed, collaborative, results-focused candidates.

Gun at school


WATERLOO — The pellet gun discovered at Hoover Middle School on Sept. 24 could just as well have been a real weapon. The school only released the information after it had become semi-public.

How often and how much does Waterloo Schools hide from parents to protect its own reputation? I have written the Legislature to demand schools make public disciplinary and dangerous situations at least twice a year.

Parents need to be assured their kids are safe, not have it swept under the rug. Waterloo Schools, step up your game!



CEDAR FALLS — I do not believe America should become a socialist state, but social programs can coexist with capitalism. The GOP is spreading fears that “socialism” denotes “communism,” which triggers thoughts of dictators or lost freedom.

“Social” is defined as “relating to society,” but “human” means, “concerning people, or being compassionate.” Humanism is the belief that “people can achieve happiness and live well.”

When referring to socialistic programs I propose we switch the word “social” to “human” wherever we can. When an American citizen is struggling economically, then they should be able to turn to some “humanistic” (ie: socialistic) program. When any American faces medical issues they could turn to “Humancare” (ie: Medicare). Americans retiring would receive “Human Security” (ie: Social Security).

Albert Einstein once said: “The world is not destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who look and do nothing.”

Able Americans in this capitalistic nation should want to share a small portion of their wealth and success in order to take care of themselves and the people around them. No one should be hungry, without health care, or homeless in the U.S. All citizens should embrace humanism while in “pursuit” of their “unalienable” constitutional humanistic right for “happiness.”

Seeing a pattern


WATERLOO — Democrats have their sayings like “Millions will die” and “It’s not who we are.” It appears they also have a canned attack strategy along with a particular lawyer preference.

The Kavanaugh accuser contacted Senator Feinstein’s office. She was directed to a Democratic activist lawyer. Then the information was held for months until it would be effective. This was followed by more accusers.

The whistleblower for the Ukraine call contacted Congressman Schiff’s office. The whistleblower was directed to a previous Clinton lawyer. Schiff’s office then held the information. Just like in the Kavanaugh case there is another whistleblower that has been identified by the lawyer. Why did the whistleblower contact Schiff’s office rather than consulting their agency’s whistleblower policy? And why do both of them need a lawyer?

The lead writer of the Mueller report was a previous Clinton lawyer. Many of the other lawyers that worked on the report donated to the Democratic campaigns.

Michael Cohen was represented by a previous Clinton lawyer in the congressional hearings.

Seems to be a pattern here. I guess it’s who they are.

Mental health


Executive director, Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center

WATERLOO — The inaugural mental health awareness breakfast and fundraiser for UnityPoint Health-Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center Inc. was held Sept. 27 and featured Joan Becker, national speaker and author of “Sentenced to Life: Mental Illness, Tragedy and Transformation.”

Coinciding with Mental Illness Awareness Week in October, this sold-out event (more than 500 attendees) exceeded all expectations as a result of the commitment from a group of volunteers who gave of their time and talents. Stacey Bentley, Bette Wubbena, Kathy McCoy, Donna Miller, Debra Dralle, Wendy Smith and Anesa Kajtazovic along with our emcee’s Ron Steele from KWWL and Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson.

There were countless organizations and individuals who were generous in providing sponsorships and contributions. The planning committee is already planning for the second annual mental health benefit next fall.

Mental health conditions affect one in five Americans. We need to continue the discussion about access and funding for these critical services in our community. Together we can and will make a difference in the lives of individuals experiencing mental health conditions and mental illnesses in our community.



WATERLOO — The previous Ukrainian administration was one of the most corrupt measured, its current president elected on a platform of eradicating that corruption.

Biden threatened to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. support to Ukraine unless the previous administration terminated a certain prosecutor. Why? What was being investigated? Trump recognizes this and exercises caution in directing U.S. tax money to corrupt regimes, seeking to understand our past financial support. That intuitive safe-guarding should be applauded, not condemned.

Interestingly, the Bidens have financial interests in Ukraine, as do the Pelosis. Why? But wait! Ukraine was the largest foreign donor to the Clinton Foundation, at $10 million. Why? Complicit media conveniently and disdainfully ignore this. Why? Media incites the naïve to embrace impeachment on unverified allegations to Shifty Schiff that took 18 days to orchestrate.

It’s the oath-ignoring, unproductive Congress that should be impeached. Trump deserves broad support for tackling corruption and the countless issues punted by Congress. The irresponsible and horribly misleading media is most credible when muted.

End polio


CEDAR FALLS — Happy Race to Erase Month! I’ve been privileged to have access to vaccines like polio, meningitis, and measles. And good news, we are over 99% of the way there to eradicating polio with only 33 cases last year.

However, others around the world are not quite as lucky. About 13.5 million children lack access to vaccination services. Consequently, each year 1.5 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases. But the world doesn’t need to be like this, and in fact it is not the only story for global vaccinations. With every $1 spent, $44 is received in economic benefits. It makes sense to support vaccination.

In our world where vaccines are the norm, we forget how impactful they are to our livelihoods. The reason we don’t see such malign diseases is because we do vaccinate, but an outbreak anywhere is a threat everywhere. Let’s keep our children and the children of our friends safe. You can take action by simply vaccinating, but you can also call Abby Finkenauer and other members of Congress to tell them to prioritize our funding for global vaccine programs like UNICEF and Gavi. Together we can end polio and so much more.

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