Republican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann greets people at a signing for new book, "Core of Conviction," during a campaign stop at the Family Christian Store Friday, Nov. 25, 2011, in Waterloo, Iowa. (MATTHEW PUTNEY / Courier Photo Editor)

WATERLOO, Iowa ---In Michele Bachmann's new book, "Core of Conviction: My Story," she writes of how her childhood in the Cedar Valley shaped the values she goes by today.

On Friday, the presidential candidate did some more bragging up of Black Hawk County as she signed books at the Family Christian Store at Crossroads.

The book details how her years in Waterloo and Cedar Falls formed her core faith in God and her work ethic, things she carries with her to Congress and she hopes she can apply in the White House.

"I believe we need a lot more Waterloo rather than Washington in the White House," Bachmann said.

About 60 people turned out at the store to buy a copy of the book, meet the candidate face-to-face and get the book signed. Some traveled from as far away as Webster City to meet Bachmann.

Yolanda Cufr, of Waterloo, came early to get in line to meet Bachmann. Like most in line to greet Bachmann, she likes Bachmann's principles and finds her the most consistent conservative in the field.

"She's against abortion. She loves the lord. I'm Christian myself and I believe in the same things as her," Cufr said. "She doesn't go to the left and to the right. You know what you get."

Dean Smith was among the first to get his book signed. He's serving as Black Hawk County chairman for Bachmann's caucus efforts and looks forward to digging in to her book.

"She's a good Christian woman and a leader," Smith said.

Smith said he admired the way Bachmann handled an incident earlier this week where, as she walked on stage for the "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," the house band played "Lyin' (expletives deleted)," a song by Fishbone. Bachmann got an apology from Fallon and demanded, and later received, an apology from NBC.

Bachmann's mother Arlene "Jean" Amble Lafave joined her on the tour. When someone asked Lafave about the incident, she said she had read about it in the newspaper and "that's terrible."

The candidate plans to spend most of the remaining time leading up to the Jan. 3 caucuses in Iowa. She also plans to start advertising in the state as she looks to gain ground in the crowded Republican field.

"Iowa is the canon shot. It's where Barack Obama got his start and this is where I hope that President Bachmann gets her shot, here in Waterloo, Iowa," Bachmann said.

Frequent visits are welcomed by Bachmann's cousin, Laurie Schissel, who gave Bachmann a big hug as she entered the store.

Earlier in the day Bachmann attended a book signing at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. She was met by a group of the local Occupy Wall Street contingent, some of whom bought books so they could get some face-to-face time with the candidate. No protestors came to the Waterloo stop.

Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll in August and has consistently been among the candidates spending the most time and capital in Iowa. Earlier on Friday, she announced adding 39 more grassroots leaders in Northwest Iowa for the final push toward the Jan. 3 caucuses.

The most recent poll in Iowa, performed by the American Research Group, showed Bachmann with 6 percent of the vote, in a group with Rick Santorum and Herman Cain. Newt Gingrich led in that poll, followed Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.


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