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Highlights of Mark Becker's interview with DCI Agent Chris Callaway

Highlights of Mark Becker's interview with DCI Agent Chris Callaway

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June 24, 2009

Chris Callaway: How you doing?

Mark Becker: Pretty good considering working for the white (unintelligible), the only true power that exists on earth.


MB: Like I said, I'll work for anybody but the devil. I'll work for the feds, the sheriff, the police, anybody but the devil ... It hurts me to see all these children suppressed by somebody for so long. My mom and dad, too. And me, my brothers were all suppressed by this devil tyrant for so long. Now it's all gone.

(Callaway finds a guitar pick in Becker's pocket)

CC: Do you play guitar?

MB: Yes. In my spare time.

CC: Are you self-taught or did you take lessons?

MB: Self-taught.


MB: I feel like I have death in me right now ... so much I can taste it. (unknown) ... In my nostrils. It's in my lungs ... (unknown) ... Can you see it in me?

CC: I can't

MB: OK. Thank you for your opinion... It's yours. Mine is yours, brother. We're brothers.


CC: We're gonna unhandcuff you and let you just put your initials behind those (on the Miranda rights form) and then if you want to talk you can just sign right there, all right?

MB: I'm telling you I have a firm hold on Satan as we speak right now.

CC: All right. Do you ... do you feel like you're going to hurt anybody?

MB: No.


MB: All I have to do is clench my right fist and say he's gone.

CC: Okay, are you right-handed or left-handed?

MB: I'm left-handed both.


MB: I did it for the police. I swear to everything that is true on earth I did it for the police and me.

CC: What hand to you write best with?

MB: (unknown) .. with my left.


CC: Do you want some water?

MB: I'll have some water.

CC: OK. We can ...

MB: I'm tired of licking cotton.

CC: OK, we'll get you some water.

MB: Thank you, sir. I did this for you. I did this for me.

CC: And tell me about that.

MB: It's the devil. He's a devil tyrant and he's been suppressing the children around here and my family since I've been a little kid. I can't ... I couldn't put up with it for another second. We can hardly breathe at night at all because of that man.

CC: Well, what does he do?

MB: He comes through and makes ... He turns us into fish and he turns us into animals and he turns us into dead people, but he won't let us be our true heavenly selves.


MB: That's all I can ... that's I could tell you. He's been doing this forever. And I'm no longer (unknown).


MB: I think I'm in everything right now, not just the animals.

CC: What do you mean by that?

MB: I think (unknown) ... my presence, my white presence as in ... as in a Godly presence or an angelic presence. That's all I can feel. All that crying and mumbling was because of human darkness. I can tell.


MB: It was because of human darkness and falling and brainwashing.

CC: Was Ed (Thomas) your football coach?

MB: He was my ... teacher and football coach.

CC: What did he teach? I'm not from this area, so ...

MB: Oh. He taught me history.

CC: OK. Have you always had a ... a.. kind of a ... different relationship or did you used to be close or ... tell me about that.

MB: No, we were never very close. Never very close at all.


(Becker said the night before he had trouble breathing while he slept in his parents' basement)

CC: And so about that time ...

MB: If it's white ... if it's white, I'm for ... I'm for it. I don't care how black or how tan or how white the skin is, white is white.

CC: Mm-hmm.

MB: And I'm for all that. So ... don't let it get mixed up with anything to do with religion. White is white.

CC: OK. And so, you know, last night I mean did you have a dream or ... or what happened that ... that made you start thinking about things differently?

MB: They just told me to take him out because he was being a devil. He was being Lucifer. The only way for the children to be free is if he was gone. I could see that visually.


MB: I could see that my mother and father would be free.


MB: They wouldn't have to cry and be in fear.


MB: Can you see that they're in fear right now?

CC: So tell me about last night. What time did things change for you?

MB: About 3, 3:30.

CC: In the morning?

MB: Yeah.

CC: OK. And what did you do?

MB: I just decided that something had to be done and so something got into me and did it.


MB: I don't know if it was me or if something got into me and (unknown) helped me walk me through it.

CC: And ...

MB: Because I myself would have never done it being from a small town. (unknown) ... something got into me sure danger.

CC: what was the first step? What did you do?

MB: I steadied myself for ... from about 5 to 7:30.

CC: In the morning?

MB: With coffee.


MB: And my parents ... I saw my parents off, and then I stayed up. I took a shower. And then I got dressed and I went ... I went up to Aplington, and I thought he lived in one of the Aplington houses that were rented out. He wasn't there. They told me he was at driver's ed. So I found one of this so-called henchmen and he said he's at driver's ed in Parkersburg. So I went to Parkersburg. I went to Parkersburg, and I went and checked if he was in the weight room. He was in the weight room. I went back and got my piece, my gun, my tool, and I went and erased him.

CC: And where did you get the tool, the piece?

MB: I got that at, uh, my father's basement.


MB: He hunts and fishes and traps.

(Becker goes on to describe breaking into his dad's gun cabinet with deer antlers)

MB: It was handy. And I pulled the gun out. It was on the top. The first one I picked up. There was bullets behind me, and I loaded it. And then, he had it locked up, my father, because he doesn't want kids playing with it.


(Mark Becker talks briefly about his alleged attack on a Cedar Falls home only days before the shooting. It led to a high-speed chase that ended in a crash, and Becker was taken to a hospital. Callaway asked Becker what he drove to the shooting).

CC: OK, and what do you drive there?

MB: A Chevy.

CC: Is it your car?

MB: Uh, it was. It's my father's.

CC: OK. A Chevy?

MB: I just got in an accident the other day. Um, I was in a high-speed pursuit.


MB: But I saw the devil in another person, and I went to his place, but it wasn't him. I realized it was Ed.

CC: So you ...

MB: Oh, I'm sorry, Mr Thomas before I could (unknown) ...


(Becker talks about hiding he gun on the ride to the school and again talks about shooting Thomas)

MB: And then on the way over I was kind of moving it to the left mentally in my mind thinking if I was to get pulled over, if I saw him right away what would be the best, so I kept moving it back and forth and then I finally just put it in the car door and said be done with it until I see him. And then it's when I saw him ... when I saw him, went in, came back out, and I made sure all the kids were clear. And I walked up to him, and I'm left-handed and I put one into his head. And then I put two more in his head, and I put one in his knee so he wouldn't get up.


MB: Then I finished it off in his skull.

CC: Do you think you shot him four times in the head then?

MB: Oh, six or seven.

CC: Are other people in there?

MB: There was like five or six people right by him but when I walked in the door, they all walked away at once.


MB: (unknown) ... in the middle of it.


MB: There wasn't a person behind him.


MB: They all scattered away because I'm here.

CC: Did you wait until everybody was away?

MB: I made sure. I didn't want anything to ricochet.

CC: OK. And that was good.


CC: Did he say anything to you?

MB: No. He was babbling, and I think when he turned he said "Oh, hey." And then I shot him. But he was just acting like he was man of the universe. I was just his (unknown) ... I just said enough was enough. (unknown)


CC: Did you say anything to him after you ...

MB: Oh, I ... I walked out and I said "Be free." ... I said "Go in there and kick him if you want to, but be free." I said this ... "From this day on everyone's free." I yelled it at the top of my lungs. I said "Be free. Everyone from this day on be free. He's done. It's done. It's over," I said. And I went back to the car. And I went back to the car. I feel drained right now, mister. ... I got arrested and then I came in here and I babbled and I've been swayed by dark and light since.

CC: And what do you mean by that?

MB: It's a joke. Because white always wins. The true white always wins and it was won.

(Callaway asked Becker if anyone else was in danger)

MB: No. Nobody else. Nobody but him. It's crossed my mind to take his family when I was drinking coffee (in the morning before the shooting), but I decided against it right away. It must have to be him in here. His force is that big. It felt so right and so true. I have no guilt or shame. (unknown) There's so much more at peace (unknown). It's like I was literally going insane the last year. I knew that somebody was pushing me (unknown) ... think tanks from hell.

(Callaway asked Becker why he chose a jumpsuit to wear during the attack)

MB: It wouldn't get caught on anything. I wanted to wear less cotton as possible because I'm tired of licking it. Somewhere they have me licking cotton. They have me so brainwashed (unknown).

CC: Who's they?

MB: Whoever the tyrants were. They claimed white power, but they were so evil with it.


CC: OK. What happened today? I mean is that ... is that a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion?

MB: It's a great thing.

CC: You think that?

MB: You don't understand. It's so good.

(During the interview, Becker tells Callaway he sees Satan in the room)

CC: OK. Describe him to me.

MB: He's a horned beast. He just has two horns. Sometimes he looks like he has a tail. Sometimes he looks like a beast ... He's lit in the eyes. It's a dead, sickly thing. It's not the white power that ...

CC: Not everybody can see him.

MB: Can you?

CC: I cannot.

(Becker tells Callaway he doesn't want any more water because it makes him feel "less angelic" and he feels like throwing up)

MB: Right now I'm Satan. For some reason I envy you. (unknown) ... Damn Satan. Damn you ... (unknown). I'm ready to join the team.

CC: What does that mean, Mark?

MB: I'm ready to join the team. If it's good I'm in. That's all I can tell you.


(Becker talks about being arrested a few days earlier following a high-speed chase and not taking his medicine.)

CC: When was the last time that you that you've taken any medication?

MB: Two nights ago, but I haven't filled the prescription.

CC: OK, two nights ago, what was that?

MB: It was after I had gone in for ... I got arrested for running on a high-speed chase.


CC: Where are the pills now?

MB: I never got 'em.

CC: Never got 'em.

MB: I just got the paperwork for it.

CC: OK. So you got the pills at the hospital, took some then...

MB: Yeah.

CC: ... and then haven't filled the prescription.

MB: Yeah, never got the prescription filled.


CC: You haven't had any marijuana or drugs, illegal drugs?

MB: No. Sometimes I feel high (unknown) ... I don't have any drugs in me now.

CC: OK. When was the last time you've had any drugs, illegal drugs?

MB: A few weeks back ... I took a blank bong hit at my house, but there's nothing.

CC: OK. A blank bong? What does that mean?

MB: I tried to get a hit out of a ... out of a marijuana pipe... But there's nothing in it ... I was desperate.

CC: ... And that was two weeks ago?

MB: About (unknown) ... It was two weeks ago. Yeah, that was two weeks ago ... that was two nights ago, but there's nothing in it. Two weeks ago I ... or a week and a half ago I had smoked a bowl.

(More talk to devils and hearing voices)

CC: You had talked about seeing things early on, right?

MB: Yeah.

CC: In the room when ... when we were talking.

MB: No, all I see ... I don't see Satan anymore. All I see is lights and angels holding you.


MB: (unknown)

CC: Do you hear anything?

MB: Yeah, she talks ... said something to me. She said you're here with me and you're here to stay.


(Callaway asked Becker what will happen if he's charged)

MB: I don't ... I just want to be accepted onto the white team ... (unknown). That's what I work for (unknown).


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