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Video dreamed up and directed by Hayley Young -

The simple set for the video for 'Rio' subtly captures the spirit of Hey Marseilles' dirge about traveling onwards. Staged in an airplane hanger in a suburb of Seattle, Wash. -- and filmed in one shot -- the video conveys a sense of motion while its subjects, the band members, stay relatively in place. As the action unfolds, some of the song's more metaphorical interpretations are hinted at.

"The video embodies 'Rio's' underlying themes: that the world should be explored to its fullest, every moment serves to set up the next and cool things can be accomplished in concert with friends," frontman Matt Bishop tells Spinner. "We were humbled by Hayley Young's creative vision and the dedication of a cast willing to trade their deep talents for a day of rollerblading, ping-pong and Frisbee." -- Benjy Eisen @

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