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Grouping objects in a pleasing arrangement is the goal of a vignette. The best vignettes are those that are personal. Mixing textures, colors and shapes are universal hallmarks of good design.

Bar cart

Setting up a bar cart should begin with not the booze but the cart.. Relate the cart's material, whether brass, chrome or wood, to the room's design, and look for one with storage shelves. Stock it with the basics – ice bucket, tongs, glasses, mixers, cocktail napkins and liquor. Don't feel as if you need to put a dozen wine glasses on a cart; at a party, wine is best served in another location.


The key to styling a beautiful bookshelf is to mix books and objects in some colors pulled from the room, but to also bring in other hues so it doesn't feel super-coordinated or contrived. Mix different shapes, spread out brighter and heavier objects so the overall effect feels balanced, hang art on the shelves to create depth and play with textures.

Dining table

The easiest way to start planning a table setting is to go with the season —bright colors for spring and summer, and rich earth and jewel tones for fall and winter. Tableware and flowers can take their cues from the room's decor. Layer shapes, such as round plates on square chargers, and don't be afraid to mix china patterns and glassware.

Chest or console 

When creating a vignette on a chest or console table, don't ignore the space around it. Relate artworks to whatever you select to display just below. Beneath a framed art piece, combine items that have warmth, texture and whimsy. 


Consider the room's scale and the fireplace size as you experiment with art, mirrors, textiles or architectural elements above the mantel. For the shelf composition, you can go for a symmetrical arrangement with a tall item on either side and a long, low something in the middle for a formal look. A more relaxed asymmetrical arrangement uses an odd number of things of varying heights. 

Window seat

A good place to start is to pick up one or two colors from the rest of the room, just to tie it in, then look for different patterns and textures in those colors.

To elongate a space, floor-to-ceiling draperies on either side of the opening will draw the eye up. Before you make seat cushions, measure the height of the seat. Make sure your cushion thickness doesn't make the seat more than 20 inches high or it might be uncomfortable. 

Source: Washington Post 

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