Light and bright dining rooms are the craving du jour.

These underutilized rooms — filled with dark wood furnishings they used to think were warm and cozy — now seem dreary and too serious.

The desire for change is partly driven by the fact that all they want to use their dining rooms more — a lighter, fresher design seems more attractive and inviting — and the ever-growing influence of Scandinavian design that favors lighter woods and paler colors.

Although repainting the walls and changing window treatments introduce change, why not make the biggest piece in the room, the dining table.

They are crisp and clean and every kind of china, glass, flower, linen and food looks good on them. You can purchase a white table, or have an existing table refinished, or why not use a white table cloth?

As for chairs, re-covering seats in a lighter fabric or keeping existing chairs is fine. They’ll look fresher paired with a white table, and the shape will stand out more.

Source: The Washington Post