If you've got a computer to download images, you can dress up a gallery wall for spring in your home by making your own beautiful botanical wall hangings. 

You'll need: Prints, old or new school rulers, Annie Sloan Dark Wax or strong coffee or tea, sponge paint brush, paint or metallic leaf, wood glue, drill, ribbon, yarn or twine. 

1. Visit a website like graphicsfairy.com or other source for free downloadable artwork. Choose several botanical images you like (we chose leaves) and download to  your computer. 

2. Enlarge and print out images on plain white paper, or use a print shop to enlarge the image to desired size. Our smaller leaves were cost a few dollars to print; the extra-large color print was considerably more expensive. Print your images in various sizes for added visual interest. 

A less expensive option is to print in black and white, then use colored pens or pencils, watercolors, etc., to color the prints.

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3. Age the paper for a parchment paper effect using Dark Wax or a strong mixture of coffee or tea and water, applying with a sponge brush.  Let dry.

4. You can leave the rulers unpainted if they are vintage, or you like the look. Or paint them, or apply metallic paint or gold or silver leaf. 

5. Cut rulers to fit width of paper; one for the top, a second for the bottom. Attach the rulers to the paper top and bottom with wood glue.  Let dry. 

6. Use the drill to  make small holes at either end of the top ruller. Draw through twine, ribbon or yarn and tie at either end to create a hanger. 

7. Arrange and hang wall hangings. 

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