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Give your porch, patio, deck or yard real wow! factor with these easy ideas for beautiful container gardens.

  • Thrillers bring drama to a container. Height, unusual shapes, colors, flowers and foliage can add vertical interest and flair. Center the thriller in the pot if se
  • en from all sides, or the back if seen from only a few angles.
  • Fillers add lushness to y
  • our composition. If the thriller is centered, divide the pot into quarters or thirds to fill i
  • n around it.
  • Spillers are trailing plants that spill over pot edges and fill the gap between fillers. These are the finishing touch.

Of course, rules are made to be broken and how plants are arranged are often dictated by the size and shape of the pot, as well as your own artistic nature. So, do your own thing — and own it.

You can leave room for plants to grow and fill in, figuring three or four plants in 10-12-inch pots, five to eight in 16-20 inch pots, depending on plant size. Or stuff them like an enchilada, poking in as many plants as the pot will hold. These dense mini gardens will need more frequent watering and judicious trimming for elbow room.

Use good potting soil, filling containers to a few inches of the top. Layer in plants, filling in with soil as you go. Shake to settle; don’t hard-pack the soil. Leave head room for watering without washing away soil.

Water deeply after planting, then water and fertilize as needed.

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