Life after 'Jackass': Steve-O says he's still looking for attention

Life after 'Jackass': Steve-O says he's still looking for attention

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Steve O

Steve-O has resurrected his post-"Jackass" career.

All Steve-O really wanted was attention.

Instead, he got a career, a reputation and, now, a comfortable life that keeps coming back to one thing: MTV’s “Jackass.”

“It’s a depressing thing to be in your 40s and tied to this adolescent personality,” the reality show star says. “It’s not OK for Steve-O to still be doing these things.”

As a result, Stephen Gilchrist Glover (as he’s formally known) has launched a stand-up tour that looks back on his past and how he views the things he has done. He’ll bring the show to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s Anthem and, yes, he’ll show videos of the kinds of things he did and how he came to be the Steve-O fans love.


Comedian Steve-O talks about his life -- and his outrageous stunts -- in a one-man show that's coming to Anthem at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

“I was just an attention whore acting out in school,” the 45-year-old says. “What impacted my life was skateboarding, which led me to the video camera, which allowed me the ability to edit my failures.”

Glover wasn’t interested in a career as an entertainer. He wanted to be an advertising executive.

He attended the University of Miami with that in mind and “failed miserably. I demonstrated a real dependency on alcohol and drugs pretty quickly. I got kicked out of the dorms for misbehavior.”

He left, hoping to parlay what talent he had becoming a stunt man. “I did my own stunts, made my own videos and edited them back and forth between two VCRs. Then, I’d duplicate my stunt reels on VHS tapes and mail them to anybody who might watch and be able to help me get some traction.”

Glover figures he was homeless three years trying to get this career started “and then I found out about Ringing Bros. Clown College. If I was to graduate from Ringling Bros., I would be a trained circus professional and people would take me more seriously, so I went to college and it worked. I ended up in the circus.”

Glover continued to film himself doing bizarre stunts. Sure, enough, he caught the eye of a director who was putting together a show with just such a vibe. The MTV series was an immediate hit; Steve-O was one of its calling cards.

“I was never concerned with how popular it was going to be,” he says. “I worried about what the censors might do. I thought censorship would water down what we were doing.” Instead, the desire to be outrageous (and R-rated) led to several successful “Jackass” films.

Glover predicted the franchise’s success, not his own longevity. “I never thought I’d see the age of 30. When I was a kid, having to get up in front of the class was difficult. I was the kid whose voice was audibly trembling. Those who seek attention are most fearful of the attention they get.”

While Glover wrestled with substance abuse, he found life improved once he gave up alcohol. “I’ve been clean and sober for 11 years,” he says. “I honestly believe that I’m rather incapable of being happy, which is a sad thing to say. I don’t know how to be content. I always feel I could do more.”

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Thankfully, he met Lux Wright, a visual artist, who encouraged him to open an animal sanctuary. Already, they’ve acquired three goats, four dogs and two cats. “I’ve got something to fight for, to save for,” Glover says.

Now engaged, the two decided they didn’t want to have children and, true to form, he filmed his vasectomy. “It was similar to a routine dental procedure,” Glover says. “It’s such a minimally invasive procedure, it wasn’t shocking.”

Still, when he shows the video during his act, Glover says “grown men have fainted shortly after that. I think it’s very pro-vasectomy. What is the definition of macho? A man who jogs home from his own vasectomy.”

While Steve-O was willing to get naked at the drop of a challenge, Wright asked him to refrain once they became a couple. “She explained we’re in an intimate relationship and my penis is her penis. She doesn’t like for me to show it to the entire world.”

Because Glover has been involved in a lot of bone-crunching stunts, it’d be easy to think he’s suffering for earlier deeds. “I don’t think I did any damage to my body. All I’m experiencing is what are very normal aches and pains and limitation of a 45-year-old man. The only things I do have are terrible fake teeth and awful tattoos.”

The tour, he says, is a chance for him to tell his story and let people see what it was he went through. It’s also a chance for him to visit with them and, yes, take selfies. “Every ticket to my show has always been the equivalent of a backstage pass,” Glover says. “I’m very fast with the camera, so I can keep the line moving. Fifteen minutes later, the photos are available on my website.”

A new goal? Selfie king could be next.

“I find myself striving and never being content,” Glover says. “I don’t think that’ll ever change.”



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