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There was a bit of judging magic on “Dancing with the Stars” Monday night.

Even though DeMarcus Ware and Alexis Ren were in the bottom two, neither went home.

The reason? It was Disney Night and nothing bad happens on Disney night.

That means we got to see the same familiar steps (and smoke) one more week before someone gets a clue and quits voting for Grocery Store Joe Amabile.

Even though he did a passable jive to the new “Wreck-It Ralph” film, he only eked out a 17 from the judges and looked like he was going home. Nope. He was safe no matter what, putting Ren (who had a night high 29 for her “Pocahontas” foxtrot) and Ware (who got a 26 for a fidget-spinning Charleston from “Hercules”) in jeopardy.

They shouldn’t be in the bottom two, but that’s the strange world of this popularity contest.

Also good: Juan Pablo Di Pace, who continues to get great scores. He got a 29 for a Viennese waltz to “Beauty and the Beast.” His Gaston had plenty of swagger and lots of good moves (on a table, no less).

Milo Manheim was also fine, doing a quickstep to “The Incredibles.” He got a 27 and managed to look comfortable in Spandex, even though the moves weren’t all that quick-steppy.

What we see at this point in the season is how often the pros rely on signature arm gestures and poses. When in doubt, the back-up dancers move in and the smoke pumps up.

The show also served as a good advertisement for various Disney films – including the new “Nutcracker.” Some (like “Little Mermaid” and “The Jungle Book”) have been done to death on this show, but it was good to see something like “Tangled” get a little exposure.

Inspect this more closely and you realize “Dancing” is little more than a series of Bobby and Cissy dance numbers from “The Lawrence Welk Show.”

Di Pace, Manheim and Ren (despite the bottom spot) are the three best, but it’s easy to see Mary Lou Retton hanging in until the very end. She got emotional after doing a “Mulan” number, presumably because it showed she didn’t have to be perfect.

The real surprise? Mickey Mouse has moves and he’s turning 90.

Look for Grocery Store Joe or Bobby Bones to go home next week.

It’s time.

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