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Jessie J looking forward to break Content Exchange

Jessie J joked that she can't wait to hang up her "gold catsuit" after her current tour ends.

The 30-year-old star is looking forward to some downtime after she wraps her current run in support of her latest LP, 'R.O.S.E.', at Cologne Palladium in Germany, on Wednesday night (05.12.18).

The singer - who is dating Channing Tatum - admitted she can't wait to get back to normality and be able to speak for long periods without fearing she will lose her voice.

She quipped: "I never want to wear a gold catsuit ever again. [Laughs] Honestly, I'm just looking forward to not setting my alarm and eating three meals a day of whatever I want because I can do it in my kitchen. And just being with friends and family and being able to talk for as long as I want without being terrified I'm going to lose my voice."

However, Jessie won't be away for too long, as she revealed she plans to hit the studio to work on her next record in the new year, which she teased will see her "challenge" anything she's ever done before.

Asked if it was "too soon" to talk about a follow-up to 'R.O.S.E.' yet, the 'Price Tag' hitmaker replied: "Oh no. I want to get straight back into the studio at the top end of next year."

Jessie - who revealed at a recent concert that she was told four years ago she'd be unable to conceive a child - also opened up about pushing herself "emotionally" and "musically".

She told "I've pushed certain places in myself emotionally and musically and with my fanbase too.

"My fanbase showed up for me this year; there was a lot of momentum.

"It was like training for the Olympics musically. I don't want to say specifically what my next album will be.

"But I definitely want to make something that will be a challenge to [what I've already done] in my career. Who knows if I can do it? However, that's the challenge I'm giving myself. But if it's the same melody with different lyrics, don't tell anyone. [Laughs]."

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