The Blendours

Featuring 19 tracks of fast, acoustic punk, Iowa City’s The Blendours’ self-titled release is hooky and absurd.

The album blends common pop rock-and-roll clichés, sci-fi themes and a preoccupation with burgers and fries to make for an enjoyable but odd listening experience.

Trevor Treiber and Ian Williams add tight vocal harmonies to hammering acoustic guitar chords in songs that are send-ups of teen crushes, short, bizarre sci-fi ballads or would-be promotion of the fictional Gonzo Burger ("everyone wants one"). In “You Could Be the One,” we learn Gonzo Burger is “the place to find all the babes.” Overall, at least four different songs reference burgers or fries.

Hooky pop licks and pop-style lyrics about going to prom, holding hands with girls and having a cool car are mixed in. Other songs are sci-fi oriented with “Wind Me Up,” which sounds like it’s from the perspective of a robot.

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“Radioactive Girl” somehow blends burgers and fries, a pop love song and sci-fi (“Dancing there underneath a mushroom cloud … she’s a mutant now”).

Although done acoustically, the album is mostly punk with all the songs clocking in at less than two minutes. Aside from vocal effects in “Gonzo Burger” and electric guitar licks in “Made it to the Moon,” each song is stripped down and a few have little more than a chorus of repeated lyrics.

It’s a fun strange listen for anyone – especially for hungry sci-fi pop fans with a short attention span.

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