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Despite being a feature-length product placement, “The Lego Batman Movie” has a lot of heart.

The movie centers on Batman as a tough, brooding, yet secretly sensitive loner. He’s lost in an easy routine of beating up supervillains and eating lobster Thermidor. But things begin to change quickly for him. The city gets a new police commissioner, Barbara Gordon, who wants to lock up criminals, and not just foil their plans. Bruce Wayne inadvertently adopts Dick Grayson. And the Joker is determined to go to any length to get Batman to acknowledge they are archenemies.

In a last-ditch effort to get Batman’s respect, Joker tricks Batman into banishing him to the Phantom Zone, a prison dimension where Superman has imprisoned some of the world’s most dangerous villains.

When it looks like the Joker might finally defeat Batman, the caped crusader will have to learn to let others help him or face defeat.

“Lego Batman” has an irreverent sense of humor similar to “The Lego Movie” that should keep adults as entertained as kids. From its opening seconds, the movie pokes fun at filmmaking conventions. There are even a few jocular nods to previous Batman movies and the 1960s television series. The movie also digs deep into the DC Comics catalog to unearth some obscure minor villains like Polka-dot Man and Condiment King.

“Lego Batman” features a talented cast of voice actors. Will Arnett shines as Batman, Zach Galifianakis is also a delight as a villain who wants nothing more than Batman’s respect. Michael Cera may have been born to voice Robin.

If you’re looking for an amusing romp, “The Lego Batman Movie” is sure to deliver a good time.

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