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    With “Split,” M. Night Shyamalan plants his flag at the intersection of tense solemnity and outlandish camp. It’s easier to notice the former than the latter, with his moody sets, slow pacing and formalistic camera work that lingers on the horrified faces of the story’s victims.

      In “Sleepless,” Vincent (Jamie Foxx) is an apparently-crooked cop who must outwit brutal gangsters and his fellow officers to rescue his son after a robbery gone wrong.

        “Hidden Figures,” directed by Theodore Melfi, unfolds a gripping story of inequality and intelligence in the 1960s NASA space program. The story focuses on the roles of three African-American women who helped send astronaut John Glenn into orbit.

          Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is a passenger on a colony ship headed for the distant planet of Homestead II. When his hibernation pod malfunctions, waking him up 90 years too soon, he finds himself doomed to live and die alone with a bartending android providing him with something not quite like…

            "Allied" is a complex movie that embodies the simple charms of cinema -- whirlwind romance, impossibly beautiful movie stars, exotic locales against a backdrop of danger and intrigue, and gun battles. Director Robert Zemeckis goes forward by going backward into another era of filmmaking.

            The newest animated installment by Disney and director Ron Clements, “Moana,” gives viewers a fresh take on an untapped source of imagination — ancient Polynesia.

            The best science fiction films aren’t about their fantastic ideas, but the way they explore human nature. “Arrival,” a movie about a linguist tasked with understanding the language of alien visitors, uses sci-fi ideas to explore the human experience in deep, lovely ways.

            Director Scott Derrickson’s newest superhero flick, “Doctor Strange,” takes you down a mind-bending journey of action and illusion.

            Early in “The Accountant”, the main character, Christian Wolff, is shown diligently piecing a puzzle together. The scene serves as an apt metaphor for the film.

            Movies do their best to make suburbia, the typical setting of the American dream, look mundane. But the suburbs, in America or anywhere else, can’t possibly be as mundane as “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” a Hollywood misfire of rare incompetence. I’d call it boilerplate, but that would be mi…

            Peter Berg’s “Deepwater Horizon” takes the savage intensity of a war movie and applies it to an environmental disaster. Telling the story of the hours surrounding the start of 2010’s BP oil spill, the film gives the viewer a you-are-there look at hell on earth, and utilizes genuinely stunnin…


            Clint Eastwood’s “Sully” is the story of a commercial jet that sustained catastrophic engine failure and yet landed safely in the Hudson River with little more damage than wet clothes and ruined itineraries.

            From the director of “Old School” and “The Hangover” comes a moral parable about ... well, everything and nothing. It’s about war as a business, friendship, U.S. military intervention and ambition. The only thing it’s really about, though, is director/co-writer Todd Phillips’ desire to be Ma…

            The 1977 Disney classic “Pete’s Dragon” gets a remake from Director David Lowery. A boy is found in the woods by a local woman and her dad. They soon discover the reason he survived for six years in the harsh environment; he has a friend.

            The Jason Bourne series of spy thrillers were perfect for the Wikileaks era more than a decade before Wikileaks was a thing. Featuring antagonists who exclusively work for the United States government in one form or another and a remorseful, confused assassin as their hero, they are a fascin…

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