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    NONFICTION: Corporate profits vs. doing the right thing. No contest, as "Wastelands" shows us once again. "Wastelands" by Corban Addison; Alfred A. Knopf (464 pages, $30) ——— Given all that's going on in the world, I thought I'd reached my limit of outrage. But Corban Addison's "Wastelands" raised my anger threshold to new heights. It is a story of corporate greed, of politicians who follow ...

      FICTION: A poignant look at growing up in Chicago public housing by a debut novelist who lived in one of the city's most notorious developments. "Last Summer on State Street" by Toya Wolfe; William Morrow (224 pages, $27.99) ——— From their completion in 1962 until their demolition began in 1998, Chicago's Robert Taylor Homes were the United States' largest public housing development and one of ...

        As “Avalon” opens, Bran, the young woman at the heart of Nell Zink’s coming-of-age story, sprawls on a grassy Southern California hillside and imagines that the “smear of moonlight” before her leads to Avalon. Not the town on Santa Catalina Island, though a few paragraphs later she recalls a childhood trip to the island off the Southern California coast, one of her few half-good memories of ...

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