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Swine fever too risky for expo

Reprinted from the Fort Dodge Messenger April 11. Read more

Free felons deserve to vote

Reprinted from the Des Moines Register April 10. Read more

Letters to the Editor, Wednesday, April 17

Councilman vote Read more

Letter to the Editor Tuesday, April 16

Labor laws Read more

Respect local decision-making

Reprinted from the Quad-City Times April 10. Read more

Letters to the Editor Sunday, April 14

Trump and McCain Read more

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Commentary: Barr embarrasses himself and Justice Department

Attorney General William Barr's cheerleading for President Trump on Thursday morning was entirely inappropriate, and forces the question of whether a cover-up is underway. Barr claimed, in his brief back and forth with journalists, that he was only there to answer questions about the process of producing the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, not its substance. But, in fact, his ... Read more

Commentary: On Earth Day, gloomy predictions haven't come to pass

This Earth Day, it almost feels like we should be carving some turkey. Why? Because we have a lot to be thankful for since the first Earth Day event occurred 49 years ago. We should be thankful that the gloom-and-doom predictions made throughout the past several decades haven't come true. Fear-mongering about explosive population growth, food crises and the imminent depletion of natural ... Read more

Commentary: Trump's tax returns must hold wealth of embarrassing information

You just know President Donald Trump's tax returns are bad. Really bad. Humiliating. Mortifying. Compromising. Incriminating. Fatal to his political fortunes. Why else would the White House be fighting so hard against a formal demand issued April 3 by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., that the Internal Revenue Service turn over six years of Trump's personal, ... Read more

Commentary: How and what to restore in Notre Dame

The Cathedral of Notre Dame was built to be a house of God, its soaring Gothic sanctuary meant to inspire both awe and fear. Indeed, one of the latest photographs of the cathedral's fire-damaged interior paints a miraculous picture of survival: a pile of charred timbers leads the eye upward to a statue of the Virgin Mary holding the crucified Jesus, a golden cross over Mary's head. Yet Notre ... Read more

Commentary: South Bend having a moment, thanks to Buttigieg

As a kid in my hometown of South Bend, Ind., I hoped our modest city would one day achieve true national prominence - but I soon understood that it probably never would. I remember scanning the pages of an almanac in the 1970s to find our population, about 125,000, and thinking naively that there was plenty of room to grow. But I would learn that outside of Notre Dame football weekends, ours ... Read more

Christianity shouldn’t be claimed for contemporary politics

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., is one of the many candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. But that’s not his… Read more

Notre Dame deserves more than tankers of water

At least he recognized the urgency. Read more

Biden, Bernie too old to be president

Whatever their differences, the two front-runners in the Democratic presidential race, Joe Biden, born Nov. 20, 1942, and Bernie Sanders, b… Read more

Cannabidiol products for sale on College Hill in vending machine

ANDREW WIND andrew.wind@wcfcourier.com

CEDAR FALLS — Cannabidiol products made from industrial hemp are being sold on College Hill with th… Read more