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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Aug. 21

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Taxpayers will cover bailout tab

Reprinted from the Mason City Globe Gazette Aug. 12. Read more

Letters to the Editor Sunday, Aug. 19

A list of today's Letters to the Editor. Read more

EDITORIAL: Tough questions face Kavanaugh

President Donald Trump disappointed social conservatives by nominating Brett Kavanaugh, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Distri… Read more

A free press is crucial

Today, we join many other editorial pages across this nation in an effort to reinforce the belief a free and independent press is one of th… Read more

Letters to the Editor Thursday, Aug. 16

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Commentary: California can save net neutrality

Political divisions may be fierce, but there is at least one issue that most Americans agree on: net neutrality. That's the simple idea that internet service providers should not control or influence what we do online. Net neutrality rules ensure an equal playing field on the web for everyone, from the start-up to the tech giant. According to a 2017 poll conducted by the University of ... Read more

Commentary: Journalist cameos should end

"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" has been attracting a lot of moviegoers with some clever sequences, including one just before the opening credits. The real Wolf Blitzer plays a fake Wolf Blitzer. Fans of the franchise know that the Impossible Missions Force - or IMF - is adept at creating masks. In this bit, the team tricks an evil nuclear scientist into coughing up information by appearing to ... Read more

COLUMN: Omarosa channels Anita Hill

Where have we seen this play before: A woman comes forward to accuse a conservative of inappropriate behavior in hopes of harming him suffi… Read more

COLUMN: FiveThirtyEight bullish on Democrats

They have crunched the numbers, and it looks good for Democrats. Call it the data-driven representation of the blue wave. Read more

COLUMN: Two ideas to rescue education

As school starts again, two ideas are humbly presented that would transform modern education. Read more

COLUMN: Winners never quit and quitters never win

This past Saturday our doorbell rang, which caused my wife to remember she promised a young man money to purchase one of his football disco… Read more

COLUMN: Human nature and our Constitution

The charge is on to confirm the president’s appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and we hear both happiness and concern abo… Read more

COLUMN: Trump’s insulting behavior

One of the many troubling things about Donald Trump is his penchant for name-calling. He seems to have this need to create belittling monik… Read more

Lily Gast is 3rd at state fair competition

DES MOINES -- Ana Yam, a pianist from Ames, was crowned the champion Sunday of the Bill Riley Talen… Read more