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Prison reform bill needs action

Reprinted from the Quad-City Times Nov. 18. Read more

CNN's Acosta should stick to the facts

The Jim Acosta/White House flap has become the latest ridiculous sideshow in U.S. politics. Read more

Letters to the Editor Sunday, Nov. 18

The state’s herd Read more

Iowa should heed the Foxconn factor

When Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker lost his bid for a third term by 1.1 percent, blame could be laid on a nonsensical economic d… Read more

Battle of technology vs. robocalls

Unless you’re a millennial (22-37 years old) or in the younger generation Z — both of which disdain calls (text, please) — you’ve probably … Read more

Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 14

Rogers' defeat Read more

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10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

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Editorial: Facing Facebook and Google: Without a fairer market, quality news can't thrive

We often deliver frank advice to members of Congress. Today we deliver a frank alert: If companies that provide high-quality reporting and commentary can't freely bargain with the likes of Google and Facebook for a fair marketplace, then the news industry's downward financial spiral will only intensify. News staffs will continue to shrink, Americans will get less high-caliber journalism - and ... Read more

Commentary: My Malibu house made it through the fire. I nearly didn't

My phone has been blowing up - perhaps a poor choice of words in this context - dinging and donging with calls, texts, emails, direct messages. How did you do it? Where can I get a fire pump? What's the name of that chemical? The number of those asking for my firefighting tips is nearly as long as the list of friends needing a place to live. In my Malibu Park neighborhood, hundreds of homes ... Read more

Commentary: The betrayal of Jonestown

Forty years ago, an American preacher and madman named Jim Jones orchestrated the largest mass murder in recorded history when he forced more than 900 men, women and children to drink a cyanide-laced punch at his eponymous settlement in Guyana. Early news reports referred to Jonestown as a "cult of death" and spread the idea that residents calmly lined up on Nov. 18, 1978, to offer cups of ... Read more

Commentary: To lessen climate change, educate the public

As extreme weather strikes with greater frequency and ferocity - especially on the East and West coasts of the U.S. - media attention rightly focuses on the often heroic response of the emergency services. What is missing from these accounts, however, is a similar emphasis on climate change as a source of the increasing extremity of these events, and consequently, on preventing ever-worsening ... Read more

Commentary: Ivanka's emails are an embarrassment, but she's no Hillary Clinton

Supporters of Hillary Clinton in 2016 - and even a few non-supporters - are having a good laugh over the report that first daughter/senior advisor Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to transact official business. On Twitter, John Dean (yes, that John Dean) opined: "Dems should run this to ground given her father thought a very big deal when it involved Hillary. So it's got to be (a) ... Read more

Will a GOP candidate stand up to Trump in 2020?

Republicans who are thinking about opposing President Trump in the 2020 primaries are facing the hardest of political choices. Read more

Revival of rural America begins on small campuses

All across America, university towns are thriving. Their skilled workforces and research activities draw in business investment, while thei… Read more

Birthday: Barbara Boxer


Former Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., is 78. Read more