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You Can Buy A Heated Sleeping Bag For Your Feet

Is there anything worse than having cold feet? No, I’m not talking about having second thoughts before you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. I’m talking about the chill that comes over your extremities when the temperature begins to drop. When your feet are cold, it can be Read more

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Clever Gecko Makes ‘bazillion’ Prank Calls From Animal Hospital

Here’s a story that might make you rethink those annoying phone calls where you pick up and no one answers. Did you ever think that maybe it’s not a computer or robocall at all? One veterinarian learned that this was the case after receiving a series of “prank phone calls” Read more

Teachers Care For Others’ Kids But Struggle To Look After Their Own

Emily James, a high school teacher in Brooklyn, New York, tries to never miss a day of work. She’s taught with two infected wisdom teeth. She’s taught with strep throat. One time, she had no voice and just wrote things down and used signs to communicate with her students. “The Read more

The Best Romantic Comedies Of The Past 30 Years

Romantic comedies are kind of the comfort foods of movie watching. Sure, the plots may be predictable at times and the endings are typically too good to be true, but putting on a rom-com that you can quote from start to finish is like throwing on your favorite blanket. There Read more


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See What Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle And Other Guests Wore To Princess Eugenie’s Royal Wedding

This has been an especially exciting year of royal weddings filled with A-list attendees, wonderful candid moments and, of course, gorgeous fashion. The latest royal wedding, between Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, was certainly no exception. Hold onto your hats, literally, because it was a windy wedding day in Windsor, Read more

Harry Potter Fans, You Need These Wooden Spoons In Your Kitchen

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, then you have to feast your eyes on a little cooking magic that fits right in your hand. No, it’s not a collection of culinary magic wands, but they’re pretty darn close! A clever Etsy entrepreneur who goes by NobbinsBobbinsNBling has designed a series of Read more

These Healthy Apple Oatmeal Muffins Are The Perfect To-go Breakfast For Fall

Eating a healthy breakfast every morning can be a major challenge. If you’re looking for portable breakfast ideas, muffins can be a great way to get a satisfying breakfast on-the-go. Now is a great time add an autumnal muffin to your rotation, such as apple oatmeal muffins. Oatmeal is a Read more