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Breakout: Today's trending topics

21 things only people in New England say

The Northeast has a language all its own. Here are a few of the region’s more unique words and phrases. Read more

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Why you should start your summer screen time rules now

For some kids, summer means getting on the computer and not getting off until September. And even though a lot of parents relax their screen limits over the break, allowing a full-on hibernation is just not gonna happen. And it shouldn’t. Kids need to get outside, of course. But they also need to stretch themselves in ways that they can’t during the school year — and that no app, game, or streaming TV show, no matter how educational and meaningful, can give them. Read more

Tomatoes have a 'secret' ingredient that your skin loves

Looking for really healthy, beautiful skin? You might want to eat more marinara sauce. Read more

Housing prices vs wages: Compare for your area

Housing prices have outpaced wages consistently over the last two decades, making homeownership increasingly difficult in many places across the United States. Use our map and graph to see how your area compares. Read more


Security solutions to keep your Cedar Valley family and home safe this spring

Talk to a local expert about a digital alarm system that will protect your family and belongings.

Week in review: Top photos of the week from AP

Here are some of the top photos of the week, as selected by the Associated Press. Read more

Family travel five: Cool pools and water parks

Diving boards and the deep end have been replaced by daredevil drops and surf zones. Here are five places where you and the family can splash together in cool pools and water parks. 1. Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay Visitors to the cruise line's recently relaunched, 125-acre private island, CocoCay, can choose to Thrill, Chill or both while the ship docks for the day at a newly built ... Read more

Fugitive says he'll surrender if people like wanted poster, and more of this week's weirdest news

A look at the stranger side of news from the past week. Read more