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Here’s what you actually need to clean to ensure virus safety

With months of research now behind us, experts say we probably don't need to sanitize everything in sight. But that doesn’t mean surfaces present zero risk. Here’s how to approach things now. Read more


The latest on the coronavirus pandemic

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Is dairy milk good for you?

An examination of dairy milk and if there are health benefits of drinking it when you’re an adult. Read more


Average daily Covid-19 cases tripled since mid-summer in this state

CNN's Nick Watt reports that despite rising coronavirus cases in 22 states, issues surrounding a vaccine have become so politicized that a … Read more


Donors sought for annual coat drive

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Donors are being sought for an annual Koats 4 Kids project. Organizers are expecting more need for assistance because of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more


200,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the US. That's more than the US battle deaths from 5 wars combined

What happened today seemed impossible to many Americans six months ago. Read more


Fauci calls 200,000 pandemic death toll 'sobering, and in some respects, stunning'

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday said the nearing prospect of the US reaching 200,000 coronavirus deaths is "very sobering, and in some respects, stunning," while adding that Americans should trust medical experts despite at times conflicting signals from the highest levels of government. Read more


28-year-old Houston doctor dies after battle with coronavirus, family says

Adeline Fagan, a second year OBGYN resident living in Houston, died early Saturday after a couple months-long battle with Covid-19, her family announced in a post on a GoFundMe page established on her behalf. Read more


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5 tips for families and friends considering a group getaway

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30 fun ways to stay connected through video calls

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5 tips to help you stay healthy this winter

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Obamacare Co-Ops Down From 23 to Final ‘3 Little Miracles’

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Eat healthy and exercise

Prime your immune system to effectively fight disease by keeping your body healthy. Follow a nutrient-rich diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. “Being in good health helps us to resist infectious diseases,” says Starnbach. Read more

Get vaccinated

Vaccinations aren’t only for kids; they’re a proven means of boosting your immune system to protect against certain viruses and other infectious agents. Although COVID-19 has taken center stage recently, don’t forget about traditional threats, such as the flu. Getting your annual flu shot is essential this year. Adults should also make certain that they are up to date on their tetanus shot, which should be given every 10 years, and consider getting the newer shingles vaccine, called Shingrix, which is recommended to everyone over age 50. It’s designed to prevent the virus that causes chickenpox (which remains in the body even after the infection has cleared) from reactivating and causing the painful shingles rash and other symptoms. Read more