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On A Digital Note
Morgan 2015 was a year of growth for digital marketers. We learned to roll with the punches (see "mobilegeddon"), appreciate the good and take the bad in stride.

The best part was that businesses worldwide decided to increase digital budgets with a focus on organic reach and content, both of which magnify conversions significantly. But even as businesses acknowledged the importance of digital in an overall marketing mix, many are still struggling to use data to properly measure ROI and make educated decisions. In fact, 50% of companies are using digital marketing without a plan.
If you're going to competitively position your business in 2016, you need to strategically approach your digital marketing efforts. Here are four trends that are essential when planning for the new year:

  1. Content is (Still) King
2015 Highlight: Inbound marketing generated 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing.

2016 Strategy: Match key business goals and customer needs to outline how your inbound marketing efforts will address them.

Inbound marketing is pretty simple: promote your business through various activities that bring users to your business rather than purchasing ads that are meant to go out and get leads. Inbound efforts include anything from blogs, videos and social media to SEO, landing pages and other types of content marketing.

Before producing content to fill your blog or making videos to push out on social sites, you need to know your customers. When your content aligns with your customers' needs, it becomes helpful and relevant rather than an interruption of their day-to-day online activities. The best way to ensure this happens is by creating and documenting a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

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Morgan Dornbier is the Digital Strategy Lead for Amplified Digital.
Why choose amplified?
"We are extremely pleased in our partnership with Amplified Digital. This partnership has been an essential part of our SEO enhancement program by boosting visibility of our brand and improving traffic to our website. As we sit down and analyze our results, we couldn’t be happier and know our ROI with Amplified Digital is an essential piece in our marketing strategy."
-Stacey Bentley & Deb Dralle, Community Bank & Trust

Test Your Digital Knowledge
According to the National Retail Federation, what was the average consumer spending on holiday gifts, decor and more in 2014?
A. $1,126
B. $802
C. $728
D. $495
E. $247
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What Does That Mean?
Ad Extension (Google AdWords): Extra pieces of relevant information within text ads. Examples include location extension, call extension, sitelinks and callouts.

Native Advertising: A type of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.

User-Generated: Denoting material that is voluntarily contributed by members of the public who will be consuming content.