While investigating the life of the Most Rev. and Lord Abbot Ryan St. Anne Scott, Courier Reporter Dennis Magee talked with several sources and tracked down a wide range of documents and memos. Here are a few documents he used in his story, "Leader of Buchanan Abbey not what he claims, investigation shows."

Note:: Yellow marks represent annotations within the documents.

1993: Private investigator's report contradicts Scott's resumes

Below are two of Ryan Scott's resumes and a private investigator's report into one of his resumes after he was hired in Edgerton, Wisconsin as the city's finance director. It's unclear who Scott sent the first resume to and when it was sent.

Some of the annotations in the documents note discrepancies between what Scott says about his employment/education history in the resumes and what a later private investigator's report said. The PI's report is the third document in the list.

Document 1: First resume

This resume was submitted by Scott to the city of Edgerton, Wisconsin. Scott was later hired as the city's finance director.

Document 2: Second resume

After Scott was hired as the city's finance director, a councilman hired a private investigator to look into Scott's resume. Here is the report, which is dated in 1993.

Document 3: Private investigator's report

1993: Scott found guilty of misconduct in public office

While he was city finance director in Wisconsin, Scott was convicted of felony misconduct in public office for cashing a $30 check for $300. He was sentenced to three years’ probation. Here are police records related to the case.

1989-2005: Religious officials issue warnings about Scott

The American Catholic Church excommunicated Ryan Scott in this letter from 1995. It is signed by Most Rev. Erwin G. Clouse.

This collection of documents features letters from dioceses saying Scott is not an ordained priest.

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It truly would behoove you to keep these documents active. This scam artist is still in the Midwest after racking up jail time on a 2nd felony weapons charge. He may be back your way again.

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