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Veridian EOC 2017

Veridian Credit Union employees volunteer at the annual Mike and Leona Addams community Thanksgiving dinner.

WATERLOO — New employees at Veridian Credit Union learn quickly what seasoned staffers have come to value: Theirs is an open, collaborative and fun workplace.

“Veridian Credit Union cares about its employees’ quality of life inside work and out,” said nominator Katie Powers of Denver. “When I started here, I never knew the array of possibilities ahead of me.”

This includes opportunities for education and advancement within the credit union, Powers added. This occurs at all levels, with regular access to Veridian’s senior leadership.

“The CEO and his team always talk to each employee when they see you, and when you first start they all have a get-together for you to meet them,” she said.

Veridian’s work environment is “second to none,” noted Alexander Pietan of Cedar Falls.

“The organization as a whole really makes people feel like they belong and care about them as a person,” he said.

CEO Monte Berg has spent the majority of his career at Veridian. This year marks his 27th anniversary. Like Veridian’s nominators, he appreciates the many benefits of working there.

“I’m a good fit with a member-owned financial cooperative, where we can make decisions for members who own the credit union,” he said. “Those decisions are typically for the long term; we don’t have to focus on the short-term results.

“I also appreciate the people I work with,” he added. “Veridian’s board of directors is very focused on our staff and regularly demonstrates this to our employees.”

Over the years, the credit union has developed a comprehensive and robust employee development program, Berg explained. Staff members are encouraged to create customized individual development plans, which help them identify departments and positions in which they’re interested.

Likewise, all employees are provided frequent leadership training and teamwork development, Berg added.

“It’s important for the future of the credit union that we develop individuals across the organization so they’re ready to step in as we continue to grow and expand the organization,” said Berg.

Many nominations noted Veridian’s competitive wages, health insurance, retirement options and other traditional benefits.

The credit union’s executive team meets with all new employees to share Veridian’s organizational structure, vision, mission and values. The sessions also allow them to swap information about their families, hobbies and other interests with new staff members.

“We believe making a more personal connection earlier in their career with the company demonstrates that we’re accessible and interested in their ideas,” Berg explained.


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