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Captured business

Kristina Matheis in her photography studio, Captured, in Stacyville.

STACYVILLE — Kristina Matheis fell in love with photography the first time she held a camera.

It was her goal to own her own space since opening a studio in Stacyville in 2012. This summer, she bought a downtown location on Broad Street for Captured, portraits by Kristina.

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, Matheis had daily opportunities to witness the beauty of nature and capture it with a lens. On clear mornings, she would watch the sun come up over the Grand Tetons while drinking hot chocolate with her mom.

“My dad would pull out the old Polaroid, and I just loved it,” Matheis said. “Later, I got one of the 110 cameras with film and spent a lot of time taking pictures.”

A job with CPI Portraits Studio taught her to work precisely and efficiently.

Small, rented spaces at the Stacyville Industrial Park and Stacyville Repair allowed her to run a very part-time business.

Today, Matheis has grown into a larger location, where she laid her own flooring, painted and installed new lighting in preparation for her grand opening in late September.

“To have the support of the community, my husband and family, this is just a blessing,” Matheis said. “Not everyone is that lucky to have their dreams come true.”

She said the studio is her “little retreat” and offers a “different vibe.”

In order to keep on top of the industry, Matheis said she is constantly taking classes, because “things change so much each time new technology and more advanced techniques are developed.”

As for the name of her studio, Matheis said she’d always liked Captured, but thought it needed something more to it.

“I wanted one word to summarize everything I do,” Matheis said. “Parents say to me, ‘my kid doesn’t smile’, then they come in and see the photos — and they are filled with smiles. I captured it.”

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Chrystal Berche is a correspondent for the Mitchell County Press-News, another North Iowa Media Group publication.


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