WAVERLY — The owners and staff of the East Bremer Diner have baked up a new business for Waverly’s downtown.

The Mixing Bowl, a new Waverly bakery, will hold its grand opening Tuesday.

Since October the bakery has been offering pies and baked goods to the Cedar Valley community and is finally opening its doors this week.

Adrienne and Matt Lamos have owned the East Bremer Diner since 2015, and one of their servers, Terri Meister, has a talent for pies. She’s been baking since she was a girl.

In the back of the diner there’s a goal wall for its employees.

“Every employee there is required to have a goal,” Adrienne Lamos said.

The goal wall at the diner helped bring Meister’s talent to the public.

Meister’s first goal was to make 10 pies for the customers. Those pies became famous around Waverly.

“Those sold quickly, and then they got popular and people were requesting them,” said Adrienne Lamos. “She’s always loved to bake.”

After a while Matt Lamos realized Meister needed her own kitchen.

Matt Lamos and Meister have come together as partners on the project. Not many people have the relationship Adrienne and Matt Lamos have with Meister and their staff, he said.

“It’s neat to see somebody on our staff that we’re able to partner with,” Matt Lamos said.

Meister was a little nervous about the grand opening, but as more staff was hired she’s become more confident.

All the pies come from recipes she’s put together over the course of her life.

“Everything is homemade from scratch,” Meister said. “We don’t use any mixes.”

Throughout the second week of January they had a soft opening, and they’ve seen their baked goods, especially the pies, fly off the shelves.

“This place was built on pies,” said Matt Lamos. “The pies are going to be huge.”

They were going to open in October, but the construction on Bremer Avenue threw some curveballs. During that time they’ve sold hundreds of pies to local of businesses and families but weren’t able to open their doors.

“We decided we should probably just get through the holidays and these big orders and then open after that,” said Adrienne Lamos. “We’re going to have pies and fresh bread every day.”

They also offer donuts, kolaches, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and they’re partnering with Rach’s Kitchen for cakes and other goodies. Rach’s Kitchen is owned by Rachel Thomas of Fairbank.

“We’ll have a few vegan items and gluten free items as well,” said Adrienne Lamos.

During their grand opening the Mixing Bowl plans to highlight its rolls and then its donuts Thursday through Saturday. The donut recipe is 50 years old, Matt Lamos said.

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