CEDAR FALLS — A new ice cream shop has opened in Cedar Falls to cater to an outdoor crowd.

The Cedar City Creamery, 110 Lincoln St., opened on Aug. 1 and is located near the Cedar River, Big Woods Lake, a bike trail and across the street from Gateway Park.

“It seems like the location was perfect,” said Jim Cook, owner. “This is the recreation center of Cedar Falls.”

The creamery offers soft-serve ice cream, cookies made from scratch daily, and an assortment of hot meals and soup.

The creamery will offer a unique version of a loose meat sandwich called the Cedar City Loose Burgers which will be on hoagie, instead of burger bug.

“We also do ice cream cakes,” Cook said. “We’re putting together a holiday flier because we’re going to have seasonal items as well.”

Cook also owns Cook’s Outdoors in Cedar Falls. This is his first restaurant he’s opened.

Previously the location was an auto repair shop. Cook first started thinking about buying and opening an ice cream shop at the location about a year ago.

“We rent out kayaks quite a bit on Big Woods Lake,” Cook said. While out on the lake, Cook said customers would comment about the heat and wanting something cool to eat.

“We’ve got plenty of bike trails here, and the river in front of us and the lake behind us,” Cook said. “The city is talking about putting their white water course here in front of us on the river. It just all ties together.”

Cook’s hoping people coming off of their bikes and kayaks after a long hot day will come in for ice cream.

“There’s a lot of summer time activity here,” Cook said. “It seems like a natural fit.”

The creamery won’t close completely during the winter, except for the holidays.

“We’ll probably stay open right up to the holidays and close shortly after, like Christmas break,” Cook said.

Business has been good since opening in August.

“It’s worked out better than I thought it would,” Cook said.

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