WATERLOO — One of Ryan Drewes’ favorite doughnuts is the cinnamon twist — a classic he can order at virtually any bakery, anywhere. But he also has another favorite, one he can only order at his own bakery.

“Strawberry Fields,” Drewes said. “It’s got a strawberry cheesecake filling.”

That doughnut — an homage to The Beatles’ 1967 psychedelic hit “Strawberry Fields Forever” — is one of the “icons” of Icon Donuts and Sweetery, which opened Dec. 3 at 1730 W. Ridgeway Ave., Suite 600, in Waterloo.

Icon sells the classic varieties doughnut connoisseurs crave, as well as plenty of other relatively standard baked goods like cookies, brownies and cheesecake. But there’s also their “icon” line of doughnuts, named after or paying tribute to musicians, movie characters and celebrities deemed “iconic.”

That includes doughnuts like “The Griswold,” which includes an eggnog cream filling in tribute to “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” as well as the Prince-themed “Raspberry Beret,” which happens to be one of Kyle Dehmlow’s favorites — though he’s hard-pressed to call it No. 1.

“It’s like, which kid do you like the most?” Dehmlow said.

Drewes and Dehmlow are two of Icon’s five owner-operator partners in the business, deciding on a concept, finding space and supplies, and building the business from the ground up for the six months prior to opening.

Originally, Icon had been slated for a summer opening, but “we ran into every possible roadblock along the way,” Dehmlow said, including display cases arriving broken and having to be sent back.

“But it all worked itself out,” he said.

The partners plan to open their second Icon Donuts and Sweetery at 917 W. 23rd St., in the College Hill area of Cedar Falls, in the next few weeks.

Both are, not coincidentally, located right next to the Waterloo and Cedar Falls locations of GreenHouse Kitchen — and you may recognize a familiar face or two in both.

“The story goes, we have a big group of young owners we started this with. Some wanted to do GreenHouse, some wanted to do Icon,” Dehmlow said. “We all wanted to do it all, so we split the difference and did them both: We all helped get GreenHouse open, and now we’re all helping Icon.”

Besides getting their Cedar Falls Icon Donuts up and running, Dehmlow said the partners are looking to introduce online ordering, as well as new Icon bakery products and doughnuts as they go.

“There are about 40 more we haven’t quite done yet. Being new, it’s a little overwhelming,” he said. “We figured, slowly but surely we’d involve more doughnuts.”

Next up on their Icon bakery shelves: A cannoli named “The Godfather,” a cream-filled Italian pastry Dehmlow hopes his customers can’t refuse.

“We like doing things that are new and are unique, and trying to make them unique, so there’s a little touch of originality and something for people to talk about as far as experiencing something different,” he said.

Icon’s hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

For more information, visit Icon Donuts and Sweetery on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/icondonuts/

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