WATERLOO – After launching a barber shop with a beer chaser in Cedar Rapids, Elk Run native Jordan Finger has brought the concept home, setting up a location in downtown Waterloo.

Five Seasons Hair and Beard Studio opened its Waterloo location at 626 Sycamore St. on Jan. 2, offering free haircuts to generate buzz.

“It went really good. We had a lot of people come in for free haircuts. We are new in town, so we just wanted to give back a little bit,” said Finger, who operates the business with Chris Krause.

The partners made a name for themselves in Cedar Rapids by combining beer and haircuts, offering free draughts from an Iowa Brewing Co. keg to haircut and beard-trimming customers.

The Waterloo location currently offers free bottled beer from a fridge at the back of the studio, but Finger said they are interested in working out a deal to bring micro brewery kegs in the future.

Five Seasons has six chairs with stylists Haley Harms, Dino Durakovic and Finger himself filling three of them.

Harms, an Allison native who had managed a franchise studio before joining Five Seasons, said she likes the studio’s laid back feel and the fact she can keep her own schedule. When business picks up, the shop will staff the remaining three chairs, Finger said.

Finger and Krause worked about three months transforming the store on Sycamore Street, tearing out concrete finish to expose the brick wall beneath. Now a Husky tool chest serves as cabinets, and the compressed air nozzles at the work stations have an auto shop feel.

“What we like most is the store front. It’s so nice and big. We didn’t put too many stickers up, we didn’t want it to be too busy. We wanted people to be able to look in here and see it,” Finger said.

Finger grew up in Elk Run Heights, and he became interested in barber school while studying business at a community college.

“I kept asking myself what was I going to do, and I was already cutting my son’s hair and a couple buddies’ and stuff, and one day I was in class and I just got up and walked out. A month later I was in barber school. I just knew that’s what I wanted to do,” Finger said.

He said he likes coming to the shop in the morning, turning on the lights and seeing the place come to life.

Five Seasons is open Monday through Saturday.