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CEDAR FALLS — Andy Tetmeyer’s business has become a fixture in the Cedar Valley — but he won’t be in one spot for long.

Andy’s Mobile Bike Shop is a full-service, year-round business — on wheels. He runs the operation out of the back of his 2003 Chevrolet Express van, traveling to where his customers need him, whether that be on the trails or at their home or business.

He launched the service last July and is gearing up for his first full biking season this year.

“I just love bikes, so I’ll fix all bikes — it doesn’t matter what it is,” Tetmeyer said.

From leisure cruisers to intense racers, bicyclists can call Tetmeyer for help anywhere and anytime. He’s currently offering no charge for travel within a 25-mile radius of Cedar Falls. Beyond that, he charges $1 per mile.

Tetmeyer keeps his van stocked with tools and parts for on-the-spot repairs. He’ll also pick up, fix and return his customer’s bikes when needed.

As a kid, Tetmeyer enjoyed building and taking apart Legos, which led to bigger projects. In school, he was on the swim team and ran cross-country before he took an interest in triathlons and became immersed in the third part of the triad — bicycles.

“I’ve always liked to work with my hands and then I found that I really loved to ride bikes, and so the two kind of went together,” he said.

At 15 years old, he began working for a bike shop in Altoona, Tetmeyer’s home town.

After graduating from high school in 2011, Tetmeyer moved to the Cedar Valley, where he attended Hawkeye Community College, met his wife, Samantha Tetmeyer, and worked for several area bike shops.

“I thought it would work up here ... just because of how supportive the communities are to cyclists,” he said.

After becoming familiar with the cumbersome nature of transporting bicycles, the couple launched Andy’s Mobile Bike Repair.

“I saw people loading their bikes, unloading their bikes; it just looked inconvenient,” he said.

A catchy logo displayed on his 2003 Chevrolet Express van attracts his clients, as well as Facebook and word-of-mouth advertising.

“I can be driving by and see people look at it or take pictures of it,” he said. “I never thought that I would run a shop out of the back of a van, but it works.”

He also sells bicycles made by Surly, a company that became popular with the “fat bikes” with extra wide tires, which offer a more comfortable ride.

As national Bike to Work Week is underway, Andy Tetmeyer will be posted up near the trails each day, including Pfeiffer Springs Park, Gateway Park, Big Woods Lake Recreation Area and George Wyth.

“There’s a lot of people who don’t have the ability to take their bike different places, so it’s really helpful,” said Penny Gerholdt, Cedar Valley Cyclists’ special event coordinator. “He can go where ever you can go; it’s great.”

You can also catch him at the Cedar Falls Live to 9 and Cedar Valley Cycling events.

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