All shades of red lips – from tomato to deepest burgundy – were seen on models for fall 2015. Don’t be intimidated in choosing the right red for you. Figure out your skin tone (and undertones) and go from there.

Fair skin with blue undertones? Look for reds that are bright with blue undertone, or even coral reds. Steer clear of deep, purple reds against pale skin. Too vampire-ish. Blue-based cherry reds with pink undertones will pop. For a rich look, choose cranberry.

Orange-red makes warm complexions glow – but watch out for sallowness. A hint of pink in red is a lighter look; wine-red is dramatic. Dark complexions look stunning with tangerine and burgundy shades, or appear more youthful with raspberry.

Lip tip


Black (charcoal or even dark brown) liner puts the focus on your eyes. But are you doing it right?

Heavy lines on your lower lid can make your eyes appear smaller, and smudges will make it look as if you haven’t slept for weeks! Define your lower lid with a lighter pencil – or a lighter hand on lining.

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Those of us of, ahem, a certain age are used to pulling taut the outer corners of the eyelid to apply liner. And wiping it off because it’s not smooth. Makeup expert Laura Geller suggests pointing your chin up and looking down, so eyelids are half-closed to apply liner. Use a slanted brush for gel liner.

Know the difference:

Pencil liners are fast and easy to use.

Gel liners offer more control for thicker line, cat eyes and wing-tips. They’re also water-resistant.

Liquid liners provide an intense, fluid line. You’ll need a steady hand for application.

Liner tip

Smudge-proof your eyeliner by tracing over it with a matching powder shadow. Makeup masters also use this secret: Wet your shadow brush with Visine first, to make it last even longer.

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