Details for COACHLIGHT HOMES - Ad from 2021-04-04

Call 239-1920 Dennis Payne COACHLIGHTHOMES.COM •(2/1) 14x70, Near Tysons.. $7,995 •(2/1) 14x70, shed, deck, C.F.$7,995 •(2/1) Porch, Eastgate......... $9,900 •(2/2) 1,056 sq. ft. C.Falls. $16,900 •(3/2) 16x80, C.Vill. Comm.$17,900 •(3/2) 16x80, Dietricks Park ( Low lot rent)..................... $17,900 •(2/2) LARGE WORK- FROM-HOME SOLD OFFICE! (16’x80’) S.View $27,900 •NEW (2022) (2/1) 14x60 Delv...$33,999 •NEW (2022) (3/2) 14x70 Delv..$38,999 •NEW (2022) (3/2) 16x80 Delv...$43,999 •NEW (2022) (4/2) 28x64 Delv...$59,999 FINANCING ALL CREDIT SCORES (W/Cond.)

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