Details for New Sound Hearing Centers - Ad from 2019-12-02

PAID ADVERTISEMENT HEARING NEWS Silicon Valley Executive Unveils Life-Changing Consumer Electronic M INNEAPOLIS, MN: When you think of advancing technology, smart phones, personal assistants and automated cars may be the first things to come to mind. These are all designed to help us live more efficient and easier lives. At the headquarters of the only US manufacturer of hearing aids, Starkey is bringing this innovation into their first ever Healthable™ hearing aid called Circa AI™. “Meet the world’s first hearing aid that tracks brain and body health,” states Dr. Achin Bhowmik, Chief Technology Officer at Starkey Hearing Technologies. This is the first hearing aid to go beyond helping people hear (and is the clearest, most natural sounding hearing aid on the market). It helps people be aware of their brain and body health through fitness and brain activity tracking. Dr. Bhowmik has come to Starkey Hearing Technologies from years of leading the Artificial Intelligence team at Intel. The reason for his transition, “I wanted to Scientist Achin Bhowmik, PhD unveils hearing aid that monitors vital health. Photo Courtesy of Starkey Hearing Technologies connect people to the world instead of machines to the world.” Calling Circa AI™ a hearing aid doesn’t do it justice. It’s more of a personal assistant that comfortably fits discretely on your ear. Sound Quality is important and is the focus of the product, but other features include phone call streaming, music streaming, and can even translate up to 27 different languages right into your ear. All of this is done discretely through the device to the user. These are just a few of the features designed to help people hear and live healthy lives. Dr. Bhowmik finished his talk by stating, “This is only the beginning.” Starkey Hearing Technologies has its sights on more than helping people hear, but they are finding ways to make everyone enjoy life to the fullest. Comparing Circa AI™ to any other hearing device is like comparing a pager to a smart phone. There is just no comparison. If you are interested in learning more about this new Healthable™ device, contact NewSound Hearing Centers. Call today (888) 702-2367 or (319) 493-3298. 3138 Kimball Ave., Waterloo, IA 50702 (888) 702-2367 or (319) 493-3298 Annette Redman, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology Jim Urbanski, Au.D., CCC-A Doctor of Audiology Seema Arab Wilson, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology Only Trust the Best with Your Hearing Call (888) 702-2367 or (319) 493-3298 Today! Complimentary Hearing Screening* Now through the month of December! expir es 1 2 .3 1.19 SALE!! $400 off a pair of Circa™ AI! Preferred Starkey Hearing Technologies Provider *Free Hearing Consultation is widely available at no cost. en for A m t n i pp o t C all

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