Details for HY-VEE FOOD STORES - Ad from 2021-02-17

Seafood Truckload Sale February 17 - 23, 2021 ONLY $2.99lb! 7.48 13.98 3.99 Argentina red EZ-peel raw shrimp Hy-Vee Fish Market imitation crab meat 2.5 lb. 32 oz. • U/15 ct. U Trident potato or 3 cheese encrusted pollock 17.2 oz. ONLY $5.99lb! ONLY $2.92 per portion! 17.97 4.99 39.00 3 lb. box select varieties • 6.3 to 24.5 oz. individually wrapped 6 oz. portions sold in a 5 lb. bo box Captain Morgan breaded shrimp ONLY Atlantic salmon portions Gorton’s fish or shrimp ONLY approx. $2.25 per portion! approx. $1.00 per portion! 30.00 20.00 individually wrapped 4 to 8 oz. portions sold in a 5 lb. box individually wrapped 3 to 5 oz. portions sold in a 5 lb. box bo Alaska cod fillets 45.00 Natural peeled & deveined raw shrimp tail off • 16 to 20 ct. sold in a 5 lb. bag Tilapia fillets 3.99 Cannon Fish Co. Keta salmon portion skin off, individually wrapped 5 oz. each 6.88 Hy-Vee Fish Market raw shrimp 16 to 20 ct. • 16 oz. pkg. 11.99lb. 8.88 Bristol Bay frozen wild sockeye salmon fillets skin on, individually wrapped AquaStart butterfly coconut shrimp 35 to 40 ct. 24 oz. pkg. OUR PLUS EQUALS MORE ONLY $99 PER YEAR Ad effective Wednesday, February 17th through Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 at your Cedar Falls, Waterloo and Waverly Hy-Vee stores. Follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter

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