Details for OAKRIDGE REALTORS - Ad from 2020-03-22

SURROUNDING AREA PROPERTIES FOR SALE 10320 Cotter Road, LaPorte City AcREAGE 1234 10th Street, Jesup 29472 hwy 3, Clarksville 6 3.5 3865sf $349.9k Dan BeRRegaaRD 319-269-1549 3 3 3248sf $299.9k LanCe Lehman 319-415-0775 1002 Sherman Street, Dysart 701 5th Street, traer RURAL cOMMERcIAL 5 3.5 gaLe BonSaLL 2464sf $299k 319-231-9700 411 Washington Street, hudson 135 Winsor Ridge Drive, Raymond 1145 Prospect Street, Jesup 4 3 3514sf $284k SaRah L VaiLLanCouRt 319-427-0866 3 2.75 2313sf $279.9k Bethany Benner 319-551-4010 2877 220th Street, tripoli 200 Stickney, Dunkerton SALE PENDING 3 3 Jana Ryan 2202sf $199.9k 319-239-8660 3 1.75 CaRL eRiCSon 2940sf $159.9k 319-504-3640 3 1.75 1528sf $149.9k JoSh & SaRah Bey 319-239-8660 3 1 Ryan BaCkeS 1364sf $149.9k 19-240-5039 117 n Church, Conrad 5662 y avenue, fairbank 804 16th, gilbertville 610 C ave., grundy Center 3 1.75 2320sf $114.9k SaRa Wegmann 319-269-4755 3 2 1764sf $95k Luke BaRtLett 319-269-1651 $84.9k BRyn mangRiCh 319-239-7815 3 1 1469sf $79.9k SaRa Wegmann 319-269-4755 3 2 1504sf $119k Jamie StiCkfoRt 319-939-3003 #1 IN THE CEDAR VALLEY With the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking extra precautions but we are still committed to meeting our client’s buying and selling needs. Check out to answer all of your real estate questions. During this time, it is especially important to distance socially, support locally, wash those hands, and we will get through this together!

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