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PAID ADVERTISEMENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY The World’s First Hearing Aid with Integrated Sensors and Artificial Intelligence FREE ©2019 JamesWWilson MINNEAPOLIS, MN: At the nation’s Silicon Valley of nano hearing innovation, scientists at Starkey Hearing Technologies unveiled a tiny device called circa AI which in just a few short weeks has become the bellwether for a revolution in healthcare. “Meet the world’s first hearing aid that tracks brain and body health,” announced Dr. Achin Bhowmik, Starkey’s chief technology officer and executive vice president of engineering. The center-stage announcement was made to an audience of the world’s leading ears, nose and throat physicians, audiologists and hearing aid providers. Prior to his recruitment by Starkey, Dr. Bhowmik was the lead scientist with chipmaker Intel Corporation, serving as general manager of perceptual computing. Last year he left Intel to join Starkey, the nation’s largest hearing aid technology company, to connect Intel’s advanced sensor and Artificial-Intelligence capabilities within an all-new, svelte ear-worn hearing aid that monitors health, translates languages, and more. “We are first in a new category called Scientist Achin Bhowmik, PhD unveils hearing aid that monitors vital health. Photo Courtesy of Starkey Hearing Technologies. “Healthables,” says Dr. Bhowmik. “Clinical trials of the new device scored a 98 percent satisfaction rating for sound quality. circa AI is light-years ahead of any other hearing aid. ” Weighing less than a dime, circa AI sets a new high standard in clarity and comfort, providing the user clean hearing in noise, significant reduction in listening effort and less cognitive fatigue. In the Waterloo area, circa AI is available on special trial at NewSound Hearing Centers 319- 493-3298. hearing check-ups this week at NewSound Hearing Centers SAVE$400 10-DAYTESTTRIAL See store for details See store for details On a pair of new AI wireless hearing aids. Try it. Like it or return it. 3138 Kimball Ave. Waterloo, IA 50702 (319) 493-3298 ©2019 JamesWWilson

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