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SURROUNDING AREA HOMES FOR SALE 29500 highway 3, Clarksville 5 3.5 GaLe BonsaLL 2464sf $649k 319-231-9700 2313 e tama road, LaPorte City 29472 hwy 3, Clarksville 5 3.5 GaLe BonsaLL 2464sf $299k 319-231-9700 6423 Gilbertville road, LaPorte City 1344sf $145k 319-269-1651 1505 Cantebury Circle, Grundy Center 3 1.75 sara WeGMann 1988sf $234.9k 319-269-4755 106 Valley Drive, LaPorte City 501 8th street, Grundy Center 453 Primrose Drive, hudson 4 1.5 2240sf $164.9k sara WeGMann 319-269-4755 4 3 3363sf $385k kathryn M Fain 319-290-8104 543 se 9th street, Mason City 2877 220th street, tripoli 3 1 1171sf $98k ashLey auGustine 319-215-2113 3 1 1364sf $159.9k Carissa hoLton 319-830-3598 4 1.5 Luke BartLett 1716sf $175k 319-269-1651 2 1 Luke BartLett kathy albert ashley augustine staci augustine ryan backes luke bartlett becky bartlett amanda bauer peter beck dan berregaard hannah berregaard don betts josh bey sarah bey gale bonsall rick brown nicole burns linda curran val eagen carl ericson dan gutknecht elliott halsch melissa hardman tom herzmann carissa holton bob hoppes ethan jennings cody johnson melissa jorgensen sara junaid diane litton ann lyons bryn mangrich dalyn maxson jim mccarty debbie metcalf jane obermeier troy olson brian page brad page paige peyton jennie plummer patty rausa justin reuter sarah vaillancourt dave vandeventer sara wegmann gary whitmore sue willett dave woods steve tripolino 3 1.5 Don Betts 2144sf $143.9k 319-240-2784 We know that buying and selling a home is one of the most important things you will ever do, and we want to help make that experience as smooth and successful as possible. If you want to work with a team that goes beyond the standard definition, call the Oakridge Team. They are happy to meet with you and discuss your real estate buying, selling, or investment decisions. And you will have the opportunity to see first hand who they are - simply, the finest in the real estate industry. Find Your Next Home at

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