Details for $29 National Hearing Exam Initiative

$29 NATIONAL HEARING EXAM INITIATIVE The National Hearing Exam Initiative Visits Texas. Providing $29 Diagnostic Hearing Exams NOW you can find out what you are hearing and what you are not. THIS IS NOT JUST A SCREENING, but a full hearing exam. For just $29 you will receive: Examination Procedure Codes And Services CODE DESCRIPTION FEE 99204 69210 92504 92555 92557 V5299 Office Visit, New Patient, 45 Minutes Cerumen (Wax) Removal (Each Ear) Ear Microscopy Exam / Otoscopic Evaluation Speech Audiometry, Threshold Basic Comprehensive Audiometry Speech Discrimination Aided/Unaided $150.00 $ 45.00 $32.00 $35.00 $125.00 $50.00 TOTAL Usual & Customary $437.00 DURING THE NATIONAL HEARING EXAM INITIATIVE YOU PAY ONLY 29 Dollars Don’t worry about your hearing anymore. Simply arrange your diagnostic hearing evaluation by calling: 956-465-4663 You will receive a consultation with a hearing clinician and printed copies of all tests for your medical records. The results of your exam will be explained and you will receive answers to your questions; all options can be discussed. There will be no pressure to buy any products. The National Hearing Exam Initiative is offered in the Waterloo area at this location: 3138 Kimball Avenue Waterloo, IA 50702 (319) 493-3298

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