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GROCERIES, MEAT & MUCH MORE! 1 DAY SALE FEBRUARY 11 TH 12 12.00 Hy- ee Choice Hy-Vee Reserv beef Reserve big T-bone T-bone steak TENDER, FLAVORFUL AND WITH LESS MARBLING, LESS THAN 10% OF USDA CHOICE BEEF MEETS HY-VEE’S REQUIREMENTS. 25 oz. o BIG 25 OZ. STEAK! .99 Hy-Vee chicken broth original only 32 oz. .77 .99 after instant coupon Hy-Vee Midwest Pork boneless ribeye pork chops Sara Lee butter bread 3.99 5.00 20 oz. 1.54 without coupon 5 oz. each (limit 10, please) 1.99 Nature Sweet glory tomatoes 10.5 oz. Tyson All Natural boneless skinless chicken breasts 1.48 Hy-Vee Midwest Pork boneless county style ribs 2.99 5/$10 select varieties half gallon Rotisserie chicken select varieties 29 oz. individually quick frozen 2.5 lb. bag 1.99lb. TruMoo chocolate milk Cinnamon rolls bakery fresh select varieties 4 count Palermo’s thin crust pizza select varieties 14.5 to 16.9 oz. More to Love Offers valid February 11 - 14, 2019 35.00 Purple Passion arrangement 75.00 Double Delight arrangement 19.99 Dozen rose bouquet Cash-n-Carry 9.99 Martini & Rossi Asti select varieties 750 ml. (plus deposit) 12.99 LaMarca prosecco 750 ml. (plus deposit) Prices effective Monday, February 11th, 2019 only. While supplies last. Products vary by location. We reserve the right to limit quantities. 6301 University Ave., Cedar Falls | 266-7535 2834 Ansborough Ave., Waterloo | 233-3266 2181 Logan Ave., Waterloo | 234-8627 1422 Flammang Dr., Waterloo | 234-7523 1311 4th Street S.W., Waverly | 352-1365 Wine & Spirits Store: 2126 Kimball Ave., Waterloo | 232-2694

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