Details for 3 car ad

E! S A LE 389 Dan Deery ToyoTa 369 289 E! S $ NEW 2017 NEW 2017 A E /Mo.^ /Mo.** SIENNA LLE RAV4 LE AWD E! $ 2017 $ NEW NEWEAS2017 /Mo.* L COROLLA SE CAMRY SE 0.0% APR 60 mo 0.0% APR mo. 72 mo TC26023 TC29668 TC25488 TT29843 SpecialALL Lease*NEW for Special Lease*ALL for TT25714 TT26277 TT29047 Special Lease** for ALL Special Lease* for NEW NEW 2019 RAV4 $ LE AWD 2019$COROLLA LE 209 289 /Mo. 289/Mo. 299/Mo. DAN’S PRICE 24,392 DAN’S PRICE 27,008 DAN’S PRICE 17,925 $2019 CAMRY SE $ /Mo.$ -or- -or- $ -or- $ WITH $0 DOWN!! WITH $0 DOWN!! WITH $0 DOWN!! University & Main St., Cedar Falls, IA • 319-277-4500 • PAYMENTS ARE3636MONTHS MONTHS WITH 36,000 MILES. *PAYMENT Of $1,237 DUEDELIVERY. AT DELIVERY.**3,519 ^PAYMENT Of $1,270 DUE AT DELIVERY OfTAX, $1,020. DUE AT DELIVERY. LEASELEASE PAYMENTS ARE WITH 36,000 MILES. *$0.00 DUE AT DUE AT DELIVERY, WHICH**PAYMENT INCLUDES TITLE, LICENSE, AMOUNTS AT DELIVERY INCLUDE: fIRST PAYMENT,DEPOSIT, TAX, TITLE, AND LICENSE, $180MONTH’S DOCUMENTATION fEE ANDALL WITH $0.00 SECURITY DEPOSIT. ALLCREDIT. OffERS WITH OffERS EXPIRE 2/04/19. $180DUE DOCUMENTATION FEE, SECURITY FIRST PAYMENT. OFFERS WITH QUALIFIED ALL QUALIfIED OFFERS CREDIT. EXPIREALL 04-03-17.

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