Details for Wait Staff


Wait Staff
  • Part-time positions available, 2nd shift (evenings, 12-16 hours/week)
  • Perfect entry level position!
  • Opportunities for growth within Western Home Communities if desired.
  • Taking meal orders and serving meals at an independent living community. Practice hospitality and customer service. 
DUTIES: Responsible for serving of meals to the residents in the dining room; assisting residents as needed with preparation of their plates, maintaining sanitary conditions in the dining room and salad preparation area. Dish salads, desserts and relishes by using proper proportioning methods for the dining room. Set dining room tables with necessary tableware. Store leftovers properly by labeling with food item and date. Clean according to the weekly list. Maintain dining room chairs and tables in a clean and orderly manner. Clean pots and pans after each use. Maintain dining room floors in neat and orderly manner after meals. Responsible for final sweeping and mopping of dietary area. All other job-related duties as assigned by the supervisor.
REQUIREMENTS: Must be 16 years of age or older to apply. Strong customer service background required. Must be able to read, speak and write fluent English. Regular attendance is required and must be able to work weekends and holidays as needed.
The ideal candidate for any position supports the Western Home Communities values of people first, servant spirit, innovation and financial integrity, which help realize the vision of fulfilling lives.
Must be at least 16 years of age to apply.


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