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Experience the Innovation of our FORCE FIELD

At Force Unlimited, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and selling the highest quality application equipment on the market today.   We utilize the latest technology in the entire production process from initial design to the finished product.   A passion for serving the needs of each and every customer, in addition to the customer feedback, has proven to be beneficial in our design process of high performance equipment.

Current Job Openings at:

1504 S. Frederick Ave., Oelwein, IA 50662

Apply online:


Office: 1504 S. Frederick Ave., Oelwein

Phone: 800-632-5986



Responsible for welding various components for Force Unlimited products.  Must be able to read blueprints, set up & Tack welds, produce high quality welds on stainless steel and carbon steel materials.  Inspects all completed welds to determine structural soundness and preforms quality checks on all completed jobs.  Will work in other phases of fabrication, including assembly & mechanical.  Will train others as needed.



Must be a highly skilled and mechanically inclined metal fabricator.  Able to read blueprints and schematics.  Work on all phases of fabrication including welding, assembly hydraulics, and mechanical.  A mechanical background will experience in hydraulics and the fabrication of Ag equipment is also helpful.  Will train others as needed.


Shop Leadperson

Applicant must have a strong background as a supervisor or leadperson.  Be able to weld, fabricate metal products, read blueprints and schematics, plus deal with multiple activist & tasks on a daily basis.  Coordinates customer demand s with production schedule.  Able to work with employees to resolve production issues. A mechanical background with experience in hydraulics is also helpful.   Responsible for all finished products.




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