Waterloo Women’s Center for Change

1515 Lafayette Street, Waterloo, IA 50703

2nd Shift - 4:00pm - 12:00am

Friday through Tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday off


Pay Range: $42,307.20 - $62,691.20

Applications Accepted By:

Department of Correctional Services

Attn: Kristin Blaylock

P.O. Box 4030

314 E. 6th Street

Waterloo, IA 50703

Qualifcations and job description:



A direct service provider in a 24 hour community based corrections facility, which includes high contact interactions with clients which may be during emergent and

demanding situations. Elicits and supports pro-social behaviors with the focus on programming to reduce recidivism and preparing clients for successful community

reentry. The work requires the use of independent judgement, initiative, teamwork, communication, balanced approach of treatment and supervision, and developing

quality relationships with clients.

The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions.


· As part of a multi-disciplinary team, observes client behavior//interaction with staff, other clients, and visitors; communicates and documents observations to

ensure effective security and consistent application of client change principles.

· Continuously interacts with clients utilizing behavioral techniques to assist in the development of problem solving skills, and facilitating behavior change, role

playing, providing positive reinforcement when appropriate, and instituting corrective measures through the effective use of disapproval. Performs facility security

checks, conducts rounds and client eye counts; inspects all areas of the Facility and grounds for safety//security deficiencies. Conducts searches of clients, vehicles,

packages, equipment, and client rooms and property for contraband items.

· Performs community security and collateral checks such as furlough checks, phone checks and collaterals, pass checks in order to assure accountability and

community safety.

· Transports clients to and from locations within the community.

· Utilizes a balanced approach of accountability and treatment when instructing clients in rules, policy, procedure, expectations, and assists clients in the

development of attitudes and skills necessary for successful adaptation to success within a Facility and a pro-social lifestyle. Monitors progress of clients by focusing on

behavior and incentivizing positive behavior.

· Addresses//Responds swiftly and urgently to critical situations and helps facilitate resolution to issues that arise, such as violating behaviors and//or community

safety concerns, or other critical issues while utilizing evidence-based approach.

· Allots, audits, monitors and stores client prescription and over the counter medications as required by policy.

· Participates in the disciplinary process which includes writing, investigating and hearing reports. Always ensuring due process rights are followed and afforded. As

part of the multi-disciplinary team follows best practices for sanctioning clients.

· Assesses and monitors for alcohol//drug. Conducts alcohol//drug testing on the client population according to departmental policy using available technology.

· Role models pro-social behaviors that convey dignity and respect for others and acknowledges that clients can change their lives by development of skills and the

adoption of pro-social attitudes and behaviors.

· Maintains accurate logs, prepares accurate and factual reports, and enters information into the DOC electronic ICON record system in compliance with established

deadlines. Supervises client work assignments and evaluates work performance.

· Operates electronic doors, metal detection equipment, telephone systems, two-way radios, intercom, alarm systems, computer terminals and uses client control

devices as approved per department policy.

· Attends training classes and seminars; may facilitate training of staff and clients. Utilizes skills gained in training to develop programming and specialties (e.g. Group

facilitator, CPR instructor, PREA, etc.) that enables client to successfully reenter the community.

· Utilizes information gained through assessment tools and understands how those are incorporated into client case management plans and effective approaches

with clients.

· Helps oversee client financial matters, including assisting with budgeting and payment of obligations (supervision fee, court fees, restitution, rent etc.).

· Adheres to the use of universal precautions in the performance of job duties in order to minimize the potential risk for exposure to blood borne pathogens.

· Responds to emergencies with safety as a first priority trained and prepared to use life saving measures and appropriate defensive tactics as needed and necessary.

· Conduct assessments as needed such as sexual violence propensity, pre-trial risk assessments etc.

Competencies Required:

Knowledge, Abilities, Skills:

· Basic knowledge of the different components of the criminal justice system (courts, law enforcement, community-based corrections, prisons)

· Basic knowledge and application of diverse strategies for working with client to include motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral strategies, core correctional


· Basic knowledge of reentry practices—timing, sequencing, and service barriers.

· Basic knowledge of factors that contribute to adult criminal behavior.

· Knowledge and basic application of risk, need, and responsivity principles.

· Knowledge of and skills in administering effective responses to non-compliant//anti-social behavior and incentives for pro-social behavior.

· Knowledge of the importance of pro-social behavior and protective factors and ability and skills to identify and encourage pro-social networks and protective


· Knowledge and skills to build trust and interact in a collaborative, respectful, and positive way. Interacts with client that empowers them to make positive changes

and meet goals.

· Knowledge of what strategies work most effectively with what types of offenders, special needs, disabilities, race, age, trauma, and gender responsiveness.

· Ability to accurately and succinctly communicate in oral interactions and written descriptions of human behavior in English, using proper grammar and proper

sentence structure.

· Ability to formulate and present recommendations in a non-judgmental and factual manner.

· Ability to read, understand and apply department policies and state code to a variety of situations.

· Knowledge of the use of force continuum and awareness of Iowa Code as it pertains to use of force in a wide range of situations.

· Ability to respond to critical incidents and other emergencies using lifesaving, safety measures and defensive tactics as needed.

· Ability to conduct furlough checks and other field checks in an effective and safe way within the parameters of the law and Department.

· Ability to use effective interpersonal skills in dealing with clients, co-workers and the public.

· Ability to relate effectively and with sensitivity to clients from diverse populations through an understanding of responsivity in regards to culture, gender, ethnic

group, learning style and special needs.


· Ability to assert one’s self in dealing with others while retaining composure under pressure and remaining objective.

· Ability to problem solve, exercising good judgment in a variety of situations.

· Ability to negotiate with and elicit acceptable behavior from clients while assisting them consistent with policy.

· Ability to work cooperatively with others on a team; as a team leader, the ability to demonstrate interest, skill and success in getting groups to learn to work


· Ability to plan ahead, manage time well, be on time, be cost conscious, think of better ways to do things.

· Ability to receive feedback, willingness to learn and embrace continuous improvement.

· Ability to learn and apply new skills, methods and procedures as well as balance treatment and accountability.

· Ability to establish quality relationships – the ability to demonstrate to clients you want them to succeed and relate to them in open, genuine, and respectful ways.

· Skillful in addressing anti-social characteristics – the ability to detect and address anti-social values, thinking, and behaviors.

· Ability to support counselors//case managers and clients meeting their case goals.

· Ability to communicate and build rapport while utilizing core correctional practices in everyday interactions with clients (e.g., role playing, rehearsals, modeling,

positive feedback, effective disapproval).

· Ability to use rewards and graduated sanctions in an evidence based manner.

· Ability to testify in court proceedings. Displays high standards of ethical conduct. Exhibits honesty and integrity. Refrains from theft-related, dishonest and

unethical behavior.

· Displays initiative, effort and commitment towards completing assignments efficiently. Works with minimal supervision. Demonstrates responsible behavior and

attention to detail.


· Graduation from an accredited two year college or university or a minimum of 48 credit hours from an accredited college or university( e.g. Equivalent of 12 hours a

Semester//full time student status over two years time) or

· Any equivalent combination of college education and human services or criminal justice experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to

equal the two year minimum; or

· Graduation from high school or a GED and two years of human services or criminal justice experience.


Barring reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, designated positions in this job class require applicants to possess, obtain and maintain a

valid driver’s license, and the ability to be insured and maintain insurability under the district’s auto insurance coverage.

· Satisfactory completion of a background investigation and criminal history check.

· Successful completion of psychological testing and examination as required.

· Medical examination to certify ability to physically perform the essential functions of the position.

· Successful completion of a urinalysis test for illegal substances.

· Ability to become and maintain certification in CPR and First Aid in a reasonable timeframe as approved by the Director or designee.


· Responds swiftly and urgently to critical incidents where one’s life or safety, or the life or safety of another person is in jeopardy (medical, fire, altercation, etc.) in a

manner that is safe for both staff members and clients. Ability to use lifesaving and safety measures and defensive tactics as needed and consistent with existing policy

and training.

· Sustain alertness and closely observe, listen, monitor, assess, communicate and record client’s behavior and other related information accurately and factually in

electronic databases within specified timeframes.

· Communicate with the clients, their families, criminal justice and related agency staff and other involved parties in individual and group settings.

· Comprehend critical information and make decisions within established policy guidelines, time frames and legal parameters.

· Perform client//visitor room and facility searches, eye counts in order to maintain the safety and security of the facility as well as perform furlough, pass checks and

other community checks.

· Travel to various locations to satisfy job requirements such as furlough and employment checks, transporting clients, participating in training,etc.

· Utilize available technology in the performance of job duties.

· Responds objectively and collectedly in high stress situations showing stress tolerance in dealing with a criminal justice population, including appropriately

managing unpredictable behavior and quickly and effectively de-escalating rapidly escalating situations.

· Accurately and succinctly communicates in oral interactions and//or written reports, assessments and summaries of human behavior in English, using proper

grammar and proper sentence structure.

· Monitors, oversees and supervises clients with all activities in and around the facility grounds.

· Operates electronic doors, metal detection equipment, telephone systems, two-way radios, intercom, alarm systems, computer terminals, installs and uses client

control devices and other electronic or technology equipment as approved per department policy.


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