Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Sociology, Public Administration, or a related field; Two to four years of related work experience; current knowledge of effective, evidence-based practices and policy in educational equity and human resources; prior experience in data collection, data analysis, and statistical methods; gathering, researching, and analyzing data for use in statistical calculations and reporting in accordance with federal and state requirements and managing data collection and creation of the District Affirmative Action Plan; analyze and interpret data using a variety of statistical method; report results of statistical analyses in the form of graphs, charts, and tables; format and manage data files; query data to address requests for information; primary liaison with the Equity Implemented Partnership at the Public Policy Center at the University of Iowa or other research practice partnerships; assist in the coordination of meetings and communication between contracted service providers for the purposes of program evaluation; use personnel database to advise the District’s Human Resources office regarding issues of equity and inclusion in the hiring process; ability to create visualizations to clearly communicate analytics and integrating them into presentations delivered to key stakeholders; assist board of education members, district level and building level administrators, staff, parents, and community members in: Understanding the data and its implications at the district, building, classroom, staff and/or student level; developing data-informed action plans to ensure educational equity for all students and staff; strong commitment to the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity and willingness to continually promote and practice those principles; other tasks as assigned by the Chief Officer of Human Resources and Equity that further the efforts towards equity, human resources and student success.  

The Waterloo Community School District is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.


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