Elizabeth Collins, 8, and Lyric Cook, 10, have went missing in July and were found dead in December.

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Stephanie Ahles

SenatorJeff Danielson.: Create Cousin's law.
This is a site were they are trying to pass a law on the safety of the children that are reported missing but are not considered under the Amber Alert. Please sign up. Thanks. Just go to www.change.org


To those that have an ear to hear, I had a near death experience in my youth where I saw God, he is a great sea of living light. After bring pulled through the valley of the shadow of death I stood in the place where God will judge the nations and I saw the power and glory of God coursing through out this being. I've been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb where I was encouraged to enter into the holy of holies, in God, where i heard the voices of the saints and the prophets of old speaking as if in a crowded room. The streets of gold are not streets as we know them here on earth, everywhere you look within God you see golden light in every direction so everywhere you go you are indeed traveling on the streets of gold. We are in death just as we are in the body, we see, feel, hear, just as we do in the body, we move much faster than any space shuttle. God does exist in heaven, which is actually outer space. I tell you this so that you might believe in God and in his son Jesus who gave himself for us.

God speaks to me in many ways, only one time verbally where he told me many of those in the Church of today don't actually love the Lord, though they go through the motions, if you don't love God more than your family, and even your own life, then you are not worthy of him. You must believe that God is a rewarder of those that diligenty seek him. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. But the new covenant is true, that all who shall call upon the name of the Lord, Shall be Saved.

I asked God to speak to me specifically in regards to these missing cousins. I went to the lake and felt drawn north, nowhere else, just north to northeast. Since the feeling was so strong by the lake I figured they must be rather close so I set the boundry within a couple miles, now I know had I continued north perhaps I would have been led exactly there as they turned out to be due north about 20 miles of where they were taken.

All glory be to God.

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