samsung smart tv

As streaming content gobbles up a bigger and bigger share of the market, smart TVs are becoming an attractive choice for consumers looking to merge their digital lives with their televisions. From YouTube to Twitter to Pandora, smart TVs integrate the Internet with on-demand media, streaming audio and regular old television.

The team at SpecOut, a consumer tech research site powered by Graphiq, developed a list of the top 9 smart TVs for the people whose primitive TVs are in desperate need of an upgrade, or those who just insist on having the newest and best.

To do this, we chose only the newest TVs — those released in 2015 or 2016. Furthermore, to be included, every entry required an Amazon standard identification number and, of course, had to be smart. We then ranked the list by SpecOut's Smart Rating, which factors in expert ratings — from sites like PC Magazine, CNET and Techradar — and specs, such as vertical resolution, refresh rate and response time. There are few surprises as far as brands go — Samsung and Vizio dominate the list.

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