ARLINGTON | Three of Iowa's most accomplished trapshooters are among a dozen men named to the Iowa State Trapshooting Association's 2015 State Trapshooting Elite Team.

Dale Stockdale of Ackley, Dean Bright of Steamboat Rock and Phil Thyer of Independence are on the Top 12 Elite squad. Stockdale averaged 95.84, Bright 94.75 and Thyer 92.22 (on a 100-target scale) for the season. Requirements for the Elite Team are 2,500 singles targets, 2,000 handicap targets and 1,500 doubles targets.

In addition, Waverly's Darwin Stock is on the Senior Veteran's Team (91.74) and Jerry Pierce of Strawberry Point made the Veteran's Team (92.10). Requirements for both of those teams are 1,500 singles targets, 1,000 handicap targets and 500 doubles.