Cahalan takes early C.F. lead

2004-08-01T00:00:00Z Cahalan takes early C.F. leadMICHAEL SCHMIDT, Courier Sports Writer Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
August 01, 2004 12:00 am  • 

CEDAR FALLS n If you ask Marc Cahalan, Saturday's opening round at the Cedar Falls City Amateur golf tournament was simply routine.

Cahalan shot 3-under par 69 at Pheasant Ridge to carry a one-stroke lead heading into today's final round at Beaver Hills Country Club.

"Honestly, it was ho-hum," Cahalan said. "I'm used to playing out there. I do all my practicing there. Basically, it was just another round except it was at 7:20 this morning."

And it was a round that propelled Cahalan to top of the leaderboard. Despite some struggles on the back nine, which included a double bogey on No.15, Cahalan rebounded to make eagle on No.17 on his way back to the clubhouse.

"No.15 is a par-4, and my second shot went under a pine tree.," Cahalan said. "I did hit my driver well, which put me in position."

The 2003 Waterloo Open Amateur champion also avoided windier conditions in the afternoon.

"It was calm this morning. Apparently all the wind came up after I was done," Cahalan said.

This is Cahalan's first year playing at the Cedar Falls tournament. And since he's a former Northern Iowa golfer, Cahalan feels comfortable about today's round at Beaver Hills.

"Being on the UNI team, I've gotten to practice out there. I'm pretty confident with the greens, even though they're faster than I like," Cahalan noted.

Former Cedar Falls High and current Loras College golfer Adam Luehmann carded a 70 to position himself in a tie for second with Todd Hintgen.

"I thought it was a good round. I started out with a bogey on the first hole, then got on a streak of pars and made birdie on No.8," Luehmann said. "I just hit it solid all day."

After bogeying No.16, Luehmann birdied the final two holes to go 2-under par for his round. That enabled Luehmann to make the cut and advance to Beaver Hills for the first time at the tournament.

"I'm only one stroke back right now, so I feel really good about that," said Luehmann, who missed the cut by one stroke last year. "I've played Beaver (Hills) a few times. It's a good course. Just keep the ball in the fairways and on the greens, and you should be in good shape."

Defending champion Niel Doak shot 73 in the first round of his defense of the Bob Leahy Cup. He cited no birdies on the final nine holes as a reason for the 1-over par round.

"The back nine just got me," Doak said. "I just hit some really bad shots. I made too many bogeys on the back nine."

Doak doesn't want to be counted out just yet, however.

"Nobody is running away with it. (The low round) is a ways away, but it's not out of the realm. I've played out at Beaver Hills. Anybody can shoot 78, and I know I can shoot two or 3-under and maybe have a chance," Doak said.


Championship Division

(Top 16 plus ties advance to today's round at Beaver Hills)

Marc Cahalan 69

Todd Hintgen 70

Adam Luehmann 70

Troy Hoffman 71

Tom Przybylski 71

Bryan Knecht 71

Wade Chalstrom 71

Joe Paxson 73

Nate Leary 73

Niel Doak 73

Chip Schaefer 73

Kevin Eslick 73

Kyle Phillips 74

Steve Jermier 74

Wes Hogeland 74

Tim Ward 74

Rick Schupbach 74

Steve Nelson 75

Ryan Ott 75

Tim Simon 75

Jim Johnson 75

Kevin Wilson 75

Mike Lamb 76

Chad Watters 76

Derek Hileman 76

Dan Hensing 77

Kell Kabance 77

Scott Morgensen 77

Mike Doyle 77

Dave Meeter 77

Doug DuBois 77

Blake Hibben 77

Carl Ericson 78

Joe Jones 78

Mark Mershon 78

Troy Creery 78

Dan Folladori 78

Corey Schatz 78

Dave Lamb 79

Tim Yost 79

Lind Hunemuller 79

Jeff Fritz 80

Dana Deines 80

Dave Ramirez 80

Dave Evenson 80

Chris Doyle 80

Ryan Cawley 80

Joe DeGabriele 81

Mike Meeter 81

Matt Phillips 81

Dan Weber 81

Joe Wartick 81

Ethan Jacobson 82

Joe Priebe 82

Rex Karsten 82

Bruce Davis 82

Doug Rose 82

Jay Grassley 82

Mark Evers 83

Michael Ervin 83

Doug Meinders 85

Jack Shafer 85

Ryan Wilson 85

Matt Hurley 86

Dick Trostheim 86

Jordan Dirks 86

Dan Holmes 86

Reed Hunemuller 86

John Deery III 86

Todd Slater 86

Steve Brewer 87

Herb Black 87

Jim Jermier 87

Todd Hermanson 88

Mike Miller 89

Greg Shepard 89

Kirk Sprain 89

Kendall Drape 89

Rob Victor 90

Adam Klenske 90

Mark Ripplinger 91

Steve Cashman 93

Greg Patterson 95

Reed Spare 104

Open Division

Jeff Smith 77

Brian Hanson 78

Jeremy Yoder 79

Kurt Krull 82

Curt Fransen 83

Steve Husome 84

Kevin Foster 87

Darrin Wellman 90

Kent Schrad 90

Austin Husome 93

Charlie Homirghouse 94

Geoff Conrad 100

Mike O'Conner 101

Senior Division

(Top 8 plus ties advance to Beaver Hills)

Willie Clyde Mohorne 72

Joe Engelkes 72

Frank Schmit 72

D. Jay Ellis 72

Jack Ritzman III 73

Mike Bachman 74

Tim Lindgren 74

Tom Free 74

Chuck Symonds 77

Dale Shrad 77

Jim Phillips 77

Gene Thompson 78

Paul Cusmano 78

John Mullen 79

Mike Hurley 79

Moses Long 80

Craig Swenson 82

Keith Sandvold 82

Hans Isakson 88

Jerry Gehrje 88

Steve Olerud 91

Chuck Anderson 93

Super Senior Division

(Top 8 plus ties advance to Beaver Hills)

Bob Leahy 72

Wayne Snyder 73

Dick Marcussen 74

Dick Warhol 75

Dick Zeschke 76

Paul Stemmerman 76

Richard Sulentic 77

John Deines 79

Norbert Roy 85

John Jermier 86

Norm Anderson 89

Wally Burman 92

Tee Times

At Beaver Hills

Super Senior Division

8:00 a.m. - John Deines, Richard Sulentic, Dick Zeschke, Paul Stemmerman

8:08 - Dick Warhol, Dick Marcussen, Wayne Snyder, Bob Leahy

Senior Division

8:16 - Mike Bachman, Tim Lindgren, Tom Free, Jack Ritzman III

8:24 - Willie Clyde Mohorne, Joe Engelkes, Frank Schmit, D. Jay Ellis

Championship Division

8:32 - Steve Jermier, Wes Hogeland, Tim Ward, Rick Schupbach

8:40 - Kyle Phillips, Nate Leary, Chip Schaefer, Kevin Eslick

8:48 - Niel Doak, Joe Paxson, Troy Hoffman

8:56 - Wade Chalstrom, Tom Przybylski, Bryan Knecht

9:04 - Todd Hintgen, Adam Luehmann, Marc Cahalan

At Pheasant Ridge

Super Senior

7:28 a.m. - Wally Burman, Norm Anderson, John Jermier, Norbert Roy


7:36 - Chuck Anderson, Steve Olerud, Hans Isakson, Jerry Gehrje

7:44 - Craig Swenson, Keith Sandvold, Moses Long

7:52 - Mike Hurley, John Mullen, Gene Thompson

8:00 - Paul Cusmano, Chuck Symonds, Dale Shrad


8:08 - Mike O'Connor, Geoff Conrad, Charlie Homirghouse, Austin Husome

8:16 - Darrin Wellman, Kent Schrad, Kevin Foster

8:24 - Steve Husome, Curt Fransen, Kurt Krull

8:32 - Jeremey Yoder, Brian Hanson, Jeff Smith


8:48 - Rob Victor, Adam Klenske, Kendall Drape, Kirk Sprain

8:56 - Mike Miller, Greg Shepard, Todd Hermanson

9:04 - Steve Brewer, Herb Black, Jim Jermier, Todd Slater

9:12 - Dan Holmes, Reed Hunemuller, Dick Trostheim

9:20 - Matt Hurley, John Deery III, Jordan Dirks

9:28 - Doug Meinders, Jack Shafer, Ryan Wilson, Michael Ervin

9:36 - Mark Evers, Bruce Davis, Doug Rose, Joe Priebe

9:44 - Ethan Jacobson, Jay Grassley, Rex Karsten

9:52 - Mike Meeter, Matt Phillips, Dan Weber, Joe Wartick

10:00 - Joe DeGabrielle, Dave Evenson, Chris Doyle, Ryan Cawley

10:08 - Jeff Fritz, Dana Deines, Dave Ramirez

10:16 - Dave Lamb, Tim Yost, Lind Hunemuller

10:24 - Troy Creery, Don Folladori, Carl Ericson

10:32 - Corey Schatz, Joe Jones, Mark Mershon

10:40 - Mike Doyle, Dave Meeter, Doug DuBois, Scott Morgensen

10:48 - Dan Hensing, Kell Kabance, Blake Hibben, Derek Hileman

10:56 - Mike Lamb, Chad Watters, Jim Johnson, Steve Nelson

11:04 - Kevin Wilson, Ryan Ott, Tim Simon

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